Happy Friday

pink and green for St. Patrick's Day

I can’t believe it’s already Friday! March is just zipping by - normally it drags, but not this year! Above is a picture from St. Patrick’s day. We went to Martin’s Tavern in Georgetown and got to sit at the Proposal Booth, where JFK proposed to Jackie! I was pretty excited about it! Also, I wore this Lilly dress since it had green in it and I love it so much! It’s such classic prep with the pink and green and the cut is so flattering. Plus, it’s great to have a dress with a sleeve.

This upcoming weekend we don’t have much going on so I’m looking forward to taking long strolls outside to take in more of the pretty spring flowers and trying out some new recipes. Since we don’t eat meat on Friday during Lent I’m going to make a fisherman’s stew, and I’m pretty excited about it! That, and probably a new dessert because you know I can’t resist sweets ; )

Glossier is now valued at over $1 billion after a successful series D funding

The purple sequin Fendi baguette is back and it is a whole lot of purse

These wine roasted strawberries sound amazing

Glossier released a new mango lip balm

Cupcakes and Cashmere just launched shoes and I’m pleasantly surprised by how cute the kitten heels look

Lilly Pulitzer has gifts with purchase this weekend! They are so cute, I love the pattern they picked, and I love, love how soft this velvet robe is (which qualifies for presents : )

Kate and the Queen make a very cute duo

 I’m very intrigued by ice rollers now!

I always love the Into The Gloss beauty March Madness


Have a great weekend! 


On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

It’s no secret around here that I love to wear pink! Red is actually my favorite color, but pink is my favorite to wear. Today I thought it would be fun to put together all the new fun pink clothing and accessories items I’ve seen in stores recently. They are all so perfect to wear all spring and summer long, and even fall and winter if you’re crazy like me ;)

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

1 - Pink Kendra Scott Dax Gold Drop Earrings (on sale!) - These add instant glamour and a pretty pop of color to any outfit.

2 - Pink Bobbi Brown Lipstick - The perfect pink lipstick is a must.

3 - Madewell Raincoat - A classic shape in a fun pastel pink color.

4 - Lilly Pulitzer Maxi Dress - How gorgeous is this flowy maxi dress? If you are going on vacation anywhere tropical it’s such a must!

5 - Sole Society Wicker Straw Bag (under $75!) - I love how this bag mixes different textures and fabrics. The circle bag shape is going to be huge this season, and this is a great affordable option. It also comes in a bucket bag!

6 - Silky Top - This top can easily transition from day to night, and can be worn to the office too!

7 - Soludos Espadrilles - Hi Beautiful!

8 - Scrunchies - Aren’t these cute? I love the bow shape of the floral one.

9 - J.Crew Pointed Toe Flats - The perfect pink flat.

10 - Kate Spade Canteen Bag - I love circle bags, and this new Kate Spade one comes in a lovely pink color! It’s definitely at the top of my handbag wish list!

11 - J.Crew Factory Scalloped Hem Shorts - These shorts are the perfect length and I love the scallop hem.

12 - Gal Meets Glam Julia Dress - Isn’t this dress gorgeous? It’s the perfect midi length and a piece that you will reach for in your closet for years to come.

13 - Pink Kate Spade Sunglasses - I love these sunglasses! They are the most flattering shade of pink and make me feel so glamorous, like a vintage Barbie.

14 - Lace Sleeve Tee - A great top to throw on with shorts of jeans all spring and summer long - it would be that closet work horse that you always reach for.

15 - Lady Sweater-Jacket With Fringe - I love the multi shades of pink in this cardigan. It’s such a gorgeous update on the classic cardigan. Yes please!

Which one is your favorite?


Lemon Cookies for Spring

Lemon Cookie Recipe

I don’t know about you, but something about spring makes me crave lemon flavored desserts. I don’t care if it’s lemon bars, lemon cookies, lemon cake - I want it all! The light citrusy flavor and bright yellow color just make me so happy. So, as soon as I saw a recipe for lemon cookies, and chewy lemon cookies at that I knew I had to make them and share them with all of you! They are a little different than my usual recipe share, they aren’t from scratch, but I decided the ease of the recipe might be exactly what you all wanted to see right now - spring is always so busy! Here’s the recipe -

Lemon Cookie Recipe

Mix together the softened cream cheese and butter. Add in the egg and the vanilla. Mix in the cake mix. Let cool in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Preheat the oven to 350 while you roll the batter into 1 inch balls and roll in powdered sugar. Bake for 12 minutes and let cool (preferably on a wire rack).

Lemon Cookie Recipe

Enjoy! Also, I rounded up all of my favorite baking and cooking tools on a new page that you can find here!


The Perfect White Jacket

Kate Spade rose small convertible crossbody

Did everyone have a good weekend? We went out for St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, corned beef and cabbage at Marvin’s Tavern. It’s a cute restaurant that Jackie and JFK used to go, and it serves some delicious traditional Irish food at reasonable prices (well, reasonable for Georgetown). Also, all of the trees and flowers are getting ready to bloom, so it was so nice to walk around this weekend in the spring sunshine and crisp night air. Since the sunshine was out I was able to pull out a sundress and my favorite spring purchases - a white jean jacket and basket bag.

Lilly Pulitzer white jean jacket

It’s still a bit chilly in a lot of the country (or air conditioning can be chilly in warmer places like Florida) but it feel like time to bring out spring dresses and pastel florals. This white denim jacket is the answer! It has been the perfect addition to spring dresses - it adds a layer of warmth, the white is a great accent color that matches spring colors beautifully, and it also adds a layer of interest. I love that the sleeves on this one easily roll up, and the gold grommets are a nice feminine touch. It is also stiff enough that the color stays popped and the sleeves stay rolled, but it is soft enough to be comfortable.

Kate Spade rose small convertible crossbody
Kate Spade rose small convertible crossbody

Finally, this is my new favorite handbag (quite possibly one of my favorite bags ever!). I love everything about the Kate Spade re-brand, it’s so fun and classic and retro. My favorite piece in the new collection is this Kate Spade rose small convertible crossbody. I think it looks exactly like something Midge Maisel would have used in the Catskills. The interior has a card case so you don’t need a wallet, and fits all of your essentials, and the strap adjusts to either a crossbody style or a shoulder bag. Be prepared to see this bag a lot on the blog, I’ll be wearing it all spring and summer long!

Lilly Pulitzer white jean jacket

Jacket / Dress / Shoes / Sunglasses / Basket Bag

How are you accessorizing for spring?


Happy Friday

new glasses

Happy Friday! Spring has sprung in D.C. and it’s so exciting! Yesterday I walked around in a shift dress and sneakers! And I saw newly bloomed flowers on my walk home! I’ve never experienced a real spring before - in Florida it was just hot all spring long, and in Boston it was cold until June - so I’ve thrilled to soak in the spring sunshine and blooming flowers. On that note, this weekend I plan on spending as much time outside as possible, likely with a good book and a cold La Croix. We are also going to see Captain Marvel and I am so, so excited! I love the superhero movies, and having a major female Marvel superhero is so great. And, to top it all off, I can’t wait for some corned beef and cabbage on Sunday. The perfect St. Patrick’s Day treat.

Here are some other things I enjoyed online this weekend-

I just ordered these new glasses, the Warby Parker Madeleine, and I’m so excited about them!

Irish recipes to cook for St. Patrick’s Day

A delicious sounding Green Drink to start the day

DIY ring pops

Carly posted a video on DIY monogrammed sweatshirts and I can’t wait to make one

Have you seen the new Draper James shoes? The gingham ones are my favorite, though they are all so cute!

Can you believe that these works of art are egg shells?

Gal Meets Glam launched new dresses and they are all gorgeous! I particularly love the Aurora maxie, it looks like a wear everywhere princess dress! And the Cecily has the most gorgeous rosebud fabric.

New spring beauty trends

Tricks to make your foundation look smooth

Festive St. Patrick’s Day cocktails

Have a wonderful weekend! And happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Glossier Milky Oil Review

Review of Glossier Milky Oil
Review of Glossier Milky Oil

I’ve been using Milky Oil for a few weeks now, and I really love it! Now that I’ve used the product for a little while I’m excited to right a full review for you guys. (I hate it when people review skincare and they’ve barely used it! Don’t you?) The makeup remover comes in a light pink squeeze bottle. I really like that the dispenser makes it almost impossible to pour out too much product, and I haven’t had any issues with product leaking out once the cap is on.

Review of Glossier Milky Oil

To use, shake Milky Oil well and pour onto a cotton pad. Then wipe all over your face after washing. It gets up the rest of your makeup, even stubborn eye makeup. Unlike a lot of other makeup removers I’ve used, it doesn’t leave an oily residue and it doesn’t sting. I feel like my face is clean without being dried out (squeaky clean skin isn’t actually good! It means you’ve stripped your skin of it’s natural oils and protective barrier).

Review of Glossier Milky Oil

I have very sensitive skin, and Milky Oil hasn’t caused any redness or irritation. That’s a big win in my book!

Review of Glossier Milky Oil

Overall I give the product an A+!

Have you tried Milky Oil yet? Or any other great new skincare? Don’t forget you get 10% off your first Glossier order with my rep link : )


Lucky Charms Marshmallow Bars

Lucky Charms Marshmallow Bars

Happy almost St. Patrick’s Day! As an Irish girl I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for this holiday, and love celebrating with cheesy decor and festive treats. When I was little I wanted my mom to die all of the food green - she wasn’t so on board, though I do remember dinner at a friend’s house where even the rice was green. Such a fun memory! Now that I’m a little older, and a little less on board with copious amounts of food coloring, I’m excited to celebrate with corned beef and cabbage and this festive dessert. These marshmallow treats are easy to make and magically delicious!

Lucky Charms Marshmallow Bars

Grease an 8x8 baking dish. Melt 6 tbsp butter in a large saucepan on low heat. Add in half the marshmallows; once melted add in the other half. Stir in salt and vanilla. Finally add in the Lucky Charms, a couple cups at a time until everything is combined. Using a spatula, pour the mixture into the baking pan and tap down so the top is flat. Let sit for about an hour to set. Optional: pick out some of the marshmallow charms from the remaining cereal and sprinkle on top.

Lucky Charms Marshmallow Bars


How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? Do you have any fun treats or plans?


My Favorite Podcasts Right Now

my favorite podcasts

Over the past few months I have incorporated a number of different podcasts into my daily routine and I’m really enjoying it! Listening to an episode is such a great way to pass the time during a long walk or train ride, or on those occasions where I have to drive somewhere (which is admittedly far less than it used to be now that we live in a city). Here are my current favorites -

  1. Fat Mascara - This is a beauty podcast. Jessica Matlin (beauty director at Harper’s Bazaar) and Jennifer Goldstein (beauty director at Marie Claire) share their thoughts on current trends, new beauty tips, and interview guests like Charlotte Tilbury and Miranda Kerr.

  2. The Glossy Beauty Podcast - This is another beauty based podcast where the host Priya Rao interviews “change makers” in the beauty industry such as the Revlon Chief Content Officer and Flesh Beauty founder Linda Wells or the head of beauty acquisitions at L’Oreal, Carol Hamilton. I love how the show gives you a peak behind the curtain at how these beauty companies are run, it’s so fascinating!

  3. How I Built This - I particularly love the Emily Weiss episode! Guy Rao interviews the founders behind some of the world’s most known businesses and asks them how they built their company and also the movement connected to the company.

  4. Bad On Paper - This podcast is by Grace Atwood (of The Stripe) and Becca Freeman. The duo discusses books they are reading, banter about their week, and interview guests like Blair Eadie of Atlantic x Pacific.

  5. Weekly Dose of BS - Ok, so this podcast definitely isn’t informative, but it adds some humor to mundane chores like getting to the grocery store! Friends and stars of the Real Housewives of Dallas Stephanie Hollman and Brandi Redmond banter about everything from lunch to the Housewives and everything in between.

I’m always interested in what podcasts other people are listening to so that I can find more favorites! So, what podcasts are you listening to?


My Favorite Clean Skincare Products

Today I’m excited to share my favorite clean skincare products. For a while now I’ve tried to eliminate parabens, retinol, strong fragrances and other more toxic ingredients from my skincare. I know there are a lot of mixed opinions about whether these ingredients are safe, but I personally don’t like to use them. I know that it’s a very personal choice, and I’m not here to preach or judge, but rather to share the products that work well for me!

I know that there are a lot of options out there, and a lot of labels (organic v. clean v. natural v. all natural…the list goes on!) and it can seem overwhelming! I personally start my “clean” product search by looking at curated product lists put out by companies like Credo beauty, Goop, and clean at Sephora and then check the ingredients on ewg.org. Then, I test them to see what holds up! Here are my current favorites -

My favorite clean skincare products
  1. Jet Lag Mask - This mask has a heavenly texture. It is super thick and moisturizing, and your skin just drinks it up. Feel free to use it as a face mask, or also as a night cream.

  2. Ursa Major Face Balm - This day time moisturizer smells so good! It is super moisturizing despite the light texture, and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. It’s the only beauty product JD has ever requested that I re-purchase, he never wants to run out!

  3. Biossance Eye Gel - I like the fact that this eye cream absorbs into the skin without a lot of rubbing or tugging, and it makes my eyes look more awake.

  4. Herbivore Prism - I love, love this stuff! it’s a daily serum and it leaves your skin more even and refined, and it lasts for months.

  5. Juice Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Serum - This serum makes all the rest of your skincare just glide on, and adds an extra boost of hydration to dry skin.

  6. Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer - I love how thick and moisturizing this cream is. Apply at night for glowing morning skin.

  7. Biossance Squalane Oil - This oil adds some extra TLC and moisture to dry and tired skin. It’s a great extra layer if night cream isn’t enough (I always use two moisturizing products before bed, for example).

Have you tried any of these? What do you think of them?


Happy Friday

Spring has sprung in D.C.!

Spring has sprung in D.C.!

Happy Friday everyone! I don’t know about all of you, but this was an exhausting week for me. I feel so tired and run down (hence the lack of post yesterday), I’m really looking forward to taking it easy this weekend. I hope to sleep in, order takeout, and do lots of crafts. Nothing re-energizes me like a pair of knitting needles or a few hours in front of my Circuit. Hopefully after a weekend full of crafts and good books I feel bright eyed and bushy tailed come Monday to take on a new exciting week! What are you favorites ways to re-charge after a long and stressful week?

I did find some time to browse the internet, and here’s some things I really enjoyed -

New books to read in March

This mango lassi smoothie sounds so delicious

I’m excited about this new haircare line Grace talks about on her blog!

I’m in love with pink sunglasses right now and these pink Ray Bans are fabulous

Queen Elizabeth posted her first Instagram post - who says you can’t teach an old queen new tricks?

The decisive ranking of fast food fries

Glossier launched a new sister brand, Glossier Play! It’s a collection of brightly colored makeup and I’m in love with the gold highlighter. And you get 10% off your first order with my rep link!

Did you know that you can try out two sample sized products (and these samples are generously sized) for free on the Biossance website?

Congratulations Julia and Thomas!

How cute are these gingham flats?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Vintage Inspired Accessories for Spring

I don’t know about you but I am so excited to pull out my spring clothes! The weather isn’t quite warm enough yet here in D.C. for spring dresses (or North of here according to my friends and family) so I’m compensating with lots of spring-y accessories. Items like earrings, scarves and handbags are the perfect way to transition your outfit to spring without sacrificing warmth. Plus, there are so many vintage inspired items out in stores right now. I’m still completely inspired my Midge Maisel and Old Hollywood glamour right now, and am thrilled that retail stores are on board! Here are some of my favorites -

Vintage Inspired Accessories for Spring

One - Baublebar Aura “Huggie” Hoop Earrings - These earrings hug your ear lob and have a vintage inspired dangle that I love.

Two - Lisi Lerch Pearl Button Earrings - These button earrings are so classy and classic!

Three - Cat Eye Sunglasses - Classic retro sunglasses for under $40!

Four - Madewell Gingham scarf - I think the gingham pattern on this scarf looks just like something Midge would wear in the Catskills and it’s only $12.50.

Five - Kate Spade Rose Convertible Shoulder Bag - I LOVE this handbag. It has a convertible strap so it can sit at the hip or on your shoulder. It’s the perfect size - dainty but large enough for all your essentials - and I think the beige and white color palette is going to be huge this spring. Isn’t it just darling?

Six - Wicker Top Knot Headband - As you know I love top knot headbands, and I think the woven fabric of this one is perfect for spring.

Seven - Straw Boater Hat - I think a boater hat is such a classic silhouette. They go so well with spring and summer dresses and are sure to keep you cool.

Eight - Jeffrey Campbell Woven Slides - I’m so excited that this woven silhouette is now available for under $100. I love the Carrie Forbes version, but they are just so much, and these look so similar.

Nine - Enamel Flower Earrings - A larger stud earring always looks glamorous, especially with your hair pulled back, and I think the enamel is so pretty on these flowers.

Ten - Edie Woven Sandals - These sandals are comfy and reminiscent of a 1960’s day at the Club. I love the color too, it would go with all your spring and summer clothes.

Eleven - Bamboo Bracelets - How fun are these bracelets?! Don’t they look like a vintage Lilly Pulitzer piece?

Twelve - Kate Spade Rose Basket Bag - This bag has such a fun shape. It almost looks like a small basket version of Midge’s vanity case.

Have you started to dress for spring yet? What items are you excited to wear?