Current Reading Queue

I have always been a bit of a book worm. Even in school, when I had to read so many books for my major, I had a "fun" book tucked away in my backpack for when I was waiting for the bus or had an extra minute when I grabbed coffee. 

I go through periods where I finish books slower than others, but I always have a few books on the library waitlist and a couple more on my nightstand. Since I have had some readers comment that they also love to read, and LOVE getting book recommendations from the blogs I read, I thought I would share what I'm excited to read this fall. 

1 - The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory. I'm almost done this book. I've read all of her books about the Tudor Era and War of the Roses, and always pick up her new novel as soon as it comes out. Her latest, The Last Tudor, is from the point of view of historical figures that aren't written about too much, which keeps it interesting. To be entirely honest, however, if you aren't on the Philippa Gregory bandwagon yet I would read The White Queen or The Other Boleyn Girl first; they are more engaging if you aren't already "into" the time period. 

2. The Women in the Castle by Jessica Shattuck. This book was recommended on Victoria Elizabeth Barnes and is about three women in WWII Germany who are "resistance widows." I'm excited to read it! Victoria states that, "it's just...GOOD FICTION." 

3. China Dolls by Lisa See. I recently read her other book, the Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, Snowflower and the Secret Fan, and Shanghai Girls. They were decently engaging, and I enjoy reading historical fiction novels about China. I highly recommend books by Anchee Min and Amy Tan if you also like reading novels about this time period. 

4. The Witches by Stacy Schiff. I LOVED her book Cleopatra so I am excited to finish reading this book about the Salem witch trials. Cleopatra was one of the best biographies I have ever read, so I have high hopes for this next book. I loved how it used to main character as a lens to discuss a multitude of interconnected events in Egypt and the Roman Empire. 

Do you have any recommendations? Please tell!

Draper James in France

Hat | Dress (now on sale!) | Sneakers | Cardigan 

My husband and I spent a few days in Normandy after we left London. We stayed at the absolutely wonderful and lovely Château La Chenevière. While we were there we ate delicious meals, relaxed in the garden and by the pool, and stayed warm and cozy inside during the rain. We also took the bikes offered by the hotel and rode into town, Port en Basin. While we were there we had some delicious seafood and climbed the cliffs to see a view of the countryside and the sea. 

I wore a new Draper James dress with my packable Tuckernuck hat and trusty Superga Cotu sneakers. These sneakers are very comfortable, and look more polished than regular sneakers which I like. I found the dress to be very comfortable, even when riding a bike! I think the print is so fun but the cut makes it more elegant than your typical printed dress. It also has pockets which is the best! I topped it off with my sun hat, which is actually made to travel. When you smoosh it down in your suitcase it pops right back up. I have recently started trying to wear hats all the time - they are a must in the FL sunshine, and I think they add that little something extra to an outfit. I loved that all these pieces made me feel put together, but none of them wrinkled or felt fussy when we were primarily interested in sight seeing. 

Preppy Pizza Date Night

Essie dresssimilar sandalsfolding Ray-Banssimilar handbag | KJP bracelet

On Saturday night my fiance and I went out for a fun and casual date night at the new hot spot in Boca - Louie Bossi (or, as I like to call it, Louie Booie). The food is divine and the atmosphere is perfect. It looks just like a lively pizza joint in old school New York, down to pictures of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday in the bathroom, sunflowers on the pizza bar, and glass doored refrigerators full of cured meats. They even have a classic Vespa outside. Furthermore, we have been a handful of times now and have yet to have a bad meal. 

Since we went to a more casual restaurant I wanted to look fun and cute without being fussy. I went with a very casual Lilly dress, the sleeveless Essie dress. After this I think I'm going to go for the 3/4 sleeve, so I thought I would pull out the sleeveless dress for a last run for the season!It's very flattering and very comfortable, perfect for a hot summer night. It paired great with my crossbody bag, some comfy sandals, and my new bracelet. 

The best part about this look was all I had to do to elevate it from errands to date night was add the bracelet. I wore the rest of the outfit all day for wedding errands around town and felt perfectly laid back and comfortable. The handbag works well for a full day out too because the chain isn't heavy like on other bags I've had. It didn't get too heavy and hurt my shoulder, and the chain also comes off if you want to carry around a clutch at some point in the day. Add in some fold-up sunglasses and you're good to go! 

I guess what I say is true, you never go wrong with Lilly! Does anyone else have any go-to clothes that you always feel comfortable and put together in? I suppose it's unusual that my "uniform" is so typically so bright, but I just feel relaxed and comfortable in a bright dress and sandals. Whatever works, right? 

Decorating for Fall

I love changing my home decor with the seasons. I change up the throw pillows, kitchen table, kitchen do-dads and general knick knacks to match whatever season and holiday we are in. This year I've seen so much awesome fall and halloween decor at every price point, I've been like a kid in a candy shop at every store from Pottery Barn to Home Goods to Trader Joes (I love decorating with their mini fall pumpkins, at $.69 they are hard to pass up!)

I find that switching up the cheaper and smaller home decor makes every room feel fresh, and makes me excited for all the traditions and adventures that a new season brings. This year I tried to find a few classic pieces for fall that I can re-use next season, and add in some cheaper trendy pieces that can be switched up every year. That way, nothing feels tired but I'm not wasting money.

Here are some of my favorite finds, including both my "timeless" pick and my use it and find a new one next year options. 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

Have you guys found any great holiday decor? Please tell! xxAllie

Friday Funday

I hope everyone had a good week! Mine was full of work, some good news, barre, and good food. It felt long this week for no particular reason, so I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend without much planned other than brunch with my husband. 

Here are a few fun things I found around the internet this week - 

Purseblog is hosting a contest to win a $1,000 Neiman Marcus gift card! Find out how to apply here.

I read this article about the common irritants in lip balms, and what popular lip balms to avoid. Given the approaching dry winter weather, I think it's a good read! I will definitely be keeping it in mind when I shop for new lip products. 

I love this dress Kate Middleton wore for Mental Health Day, she always looks so beautiful. You can read about the outfit, and the Heads Together cause, here (it also notes a new book, How to Dress Like a Princess :)

Glossier is releasing it's first fragrance, Glossier You! You can receive a sample with your order, and the release date will be soon. Get your now, here.

Copper Accent Pieces

I am really enjoying the copper trend for home decor, especially in the kitchen. It looks crisp and clean and timeless, while also on trend. The couple of copper pieces have really added some color and brightened up our kitchen. Since you don't need to have everything copper in order to make a statement, it's easy to adopt the trend while not going "all in." In addition, unlike many trends, I find that copper pieces are functional as well! The copper tools and often used accessories, like the paper towel holder, are easy to clean and come at a variety of price points. The pieces we have haven't scratched yet, or corroded green (*the exception is a copper hand soap container. I tried putting dishwashing liquid in it...let's just say it didn't work). 

I rounded up a few pieces that I currently have my eye on, and think will look great upon the kitchen counter. I might just have to go buy the towel bar right now...

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

Whether you want everything to be copper or just a few accent pieces, I think it's a fun new trend that has some longevity. Just look at copper drain pipes and gutters- they never go out of style.

Has anyone else adopted the trend? Any new pieces I need to watch out for? 

An exciting announcement!


Hi! I have my first exciting announcement for the blog! Isn't that so...well, exciting?!

I have asked my Glossier to be a rep! This means that you can shop all my picks, and see a short video of me over at It also means that you'll get 20% off your first order! 

I have loved Glossier products since I first started ordering them years ago, and loved Into The Gloss long before that. The priming moisturizer is the first daily moisturizer I've ever used that doesn't inflame my sensitive skin and makes it feel hydrated. I also find the makeup to be excellent. It's natural looking, on trend, and doesn't break the bank. For instance, I think boy brow works a lot better then its more expensive counterparts sold at Sephora (like Gimme Brow from Benefit, e.g.). You can check everything out here.

I honestly love these products, and dragged my fiance (now husband) to the showroom when we visited NYC long before they ever approached me about being a rep. I promise that I will not recommend or exclaim about anything on this site if I don't love it, and that includes Glossier. Please don't take my being a rep to mean that I am now only using the site to push products. That is not true at all.

The reason I love writing this blog because it provides a creative space for me after a long day at work, and even more importantly it is allowing me to build a community where we can come together to share ideas and style and take a second out of a busy day to smile at the little things in life like a blooming orchid or awesome new lipstick. And, for me, small joys that I love talking about, as evidenced by the fact that I blogged about it before even knowing about the rep program, include a millennial pink pouch and playing with Glossier cloud pain blush which is why I accepted the gig. 

So, please check out my picks over at Glossier if you are interested! And please comment below if you have any questions about Glossier or anything in general! Thank you so much for reading! 

Hello, World!

Dress for Afternoon Tea

Callista Shift Dresssneakers |  | cardigan | Mulberry bag

The first day of my honeymoon my husband and I spent touring London. Thanks to a wonderful recommendation from a friend we made reservations for tea at The Orangery. It is a lovely restaurant on the grounds of Kensington palace. The tea was delicious and the atmosphere was perfect - it is casual and beautiful, and historical. We toured the grounds, walked through the gardens, and shared tea (for me!) and a baked chicken (for my husband).

I knew that since we were in London for such a short amount of time, one day, that I wanted to be comfortable but presentable so that I wouldn't have to waste time going back to the hotel to change in between events. This Lilly Pulitzer dress was perfect. It fit in perfectly at The Orangery, on our tour bus, on our Buckingham Palace tour, and at our fish and chips dinner. It also didn't wrinkle, so it's perfect for traveling. I bought this lightweight cardigan in case the weather got chillier, and it matched all my outfits. I paired the dress with my favorite sneakers for walking outside of the gym and a new pink Mulberry bag for a pop of color. 

We also got to tour Buckhingham Palace (!!!) which I HIGHLY recommend if you are in London in the summer. We couldn't take any pictures, but suffice it to say that the palace is beautiful on the inside.

Scarves for Handbags

 love the trend of tying a scarf on the handle of my handbag. It adds some color and pattern to one's outfit, and also looks a plain colored bag look more interesting and custom. Depending on the size of the scarf you can even tie it different ways based on the outift - perhaps a bow if your outfit is simpler (likes jeans and a tee) or a slip knot if your scarf is smaller or your outfit has "more going on."

I rounded up some of my favorites to share, but any scarf, bandana, or pocket square will work! 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

1 - The Tie Bar Mini Dots Silk Pocket Square. A men's pocket square is the perfect size to tie a slip knot around a purse handle, and they tend to be cheaper than their lady's department counterparts (what else is new...) . This one is a pretty "millenial pink" and only $10!

2 - Ratti Painted Pineapple Bandana. I love all the colors on this bandana. It will match any outfit and is also quite summery. In addition, it is large enough to easily tie around your hair or neck.

3 - Palm Tree Bandana. I think this bandana is absolutely adorable. The little palm trees add a little color, and the blue and white mean it won't clash with any outfit you wear it with. It's also a steal at less than $25!

4. Cactus Silk Scarf. This scarf is fun and silky, and has a bit more of an urban outfitters vibe which I like. 

5. Floral Silk Square Scarf. I think this floral pattern is just so pretty! I also think the color pattern means it will pair nicely with summer colors, white dresses, and jean shorts. 

6. Paradise Floral Silk Square Scarf. I think this pattern has a vintage-y feel without being too literal. It also comes in other colors, and the silky fabric will feel good around your neck when it's not on your bag.

7. Blue Stripe Fashion Scarf. Leave it to Target to have the perfect neutral basic! The white and blue looks classic, and will match pretty much any outfit or handbag. 

8. Ditsy Garden Skinny Silk Scarf. Since this scarf is narrower it will easily tie into a bow. I also love the green. I've been trying to incorporate this color more into my wardrobe and I think a scarf is the perfect place to start.  

9. Paris in the Spring Scarf. I had to add in a Paris item...I'm a little obsessed leading into our trip. I also love that this scarf is on sale! And, I think it would look so pretty as decor around your home when you aren't using it on your purse. 

Does anyone else have some good suggestions? I'd love to hear! I'm amassing a bit of a collection...

Hi! I'm Allie

Buckingham Palace


Hi! This is my first blog post, so I want to say welcome! And thank you so much for stopping by! 

Over the years I have been trying to grow my own business, and find my place in the economic world. It is both exciting and daunting, and it has made me think about all of the things in my life that once seemed intimidating but caused me to learn and grow in the process. It also made me ponder all of the ways in which the internet has helped me to conquer my questions and anxieties.  With that in mind, I decided to start a blog to discuss life, and how I try to do my best to remember all the little things that bring me joy, and learn about the things that bring all of you joy. 

In other words, at All That Glitters I am going to talk about living your best life, and I hope you will share with me your all of your passions, questions, tips, and sparkle too!