Happy Friday!

Glossier balm dot com

Sorry for the fewer posts this week! Everything on my to do list took way longer than I thought, and I turned around and it was Thursday morning! I don’t know how it happened so quickly, but it did! One of the things that through me for a loop is the blanket I’m knitting for my cousin - her wedding is next week, and I was so happy to finish knitting the last row on Wednesday, and then realized that seeing all the panels together was going to take forever…I may be finishing in the hotel room…

Anyways, here are some fun things I found online this week!

Glossier sent me the cutest package to celebrate their 6th birthday! Have you tried the birthday cake balm, it smells so good!

I listened to a podcast with The Home Edit (asking for a friend) and now I’m obsessed! I got the book and I can’t wait to get our cabinets in tip shop shape! These bins are going to be a must!

It just got Bobbi Brown blush in sand pink and it’s the prettiest flushed color for fall

I’m slightly obsessed with this puffed sleeve top, should I pull the trigger?

I loved this look into Sutton Foster’s beauty routine!

When I’m done knitting I might try some needlepoint!

I really want to get into the headband trend, and the reviews say this one is actually comfortable!

I love these DIY Halloween decorations!

Have a great weekend!


What I Read In September

What I read in September

September was full of great books! I’ve gotten into some great habits for reading recently - I read for about 15-30 minutes while I eat breakfast and lunch, and then some more at night while JD watches sports, along with when I’m on the metro or bus. It’s amazing how breaking a book up into smaller chunks like that really allows you to breeze through it. That, and having a long reading queue full of good books you can’t wait to read!

September was full of romance, mystery, and some guilty pleasure reading! I recommend all of it!

Three Things About Elsie - 4.5/5 - This is the story of Florence, an older woman who moved into an assisted living community and is having trouble getting acclimated. One day a new resident moves in, and Elsie is sure it is a shady figure from her past who died decades ago. She enlists the help of new friends to get to the bottom of the mystery, and the result is adventurous and heart warming. I loved that it’s an adventure story about older people, instead of older people reminiscing about the adventures of their youth. You don’t see that very often!

The Bride Test - 4/5 - This is by the author of The Kiss Quotient. It’s the story of a young man, Khai, with autism whose mother goes to Vietnam to find him a bride. Esme comes to America eager to make the most of her opportunity to find love and improve her lot in life. The two quickly fall for each other, but it takes a while for them to realize it and break down their personal barriers. I found the story cute and heartwarming, and it was a great reminder that people are not what they seem.

Tell Me Everything - 5/5 - I loved this book! It follows Malin and her group of friends throughout their college years at a private school in rural Maine. The books flips between transformative moments in Malin’s childhood, freshman year, and senior year. At the beginning of the book you realize that not all of the friends live to see graduation, but you don’t know who dies or why. It’s super engrossing, and the end dark and satisfying.

The Luxe Series - 3/5 - This is a gossipy romance series about the young and fabulously wealthy in 1890’s NYC. It’s a fun mix of Victorian etiquette and Gossip Girl. All of the characters have a juicy secret, and who’s dating who, and who’s who’s enemy changes chapter by chapter. It’s definitely not “quality literature” but it’s fun and soapy and I loved reading about fancy ballgowns and handsome coach boys. If you want a fun read to curl up with this fall, this one’s for you.

Did you read anything good in September? Please share!


Happy Friday!

Fall in Washington DC

Happy first Friday of fall! As I write this I am sipping a pumpkin Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and am a very happy lady. I know some people love or hate pumpkin, but I am definitely in the former! Add in some candy corn (Brach’s only) and I am all set for a good long while! I’m also excited to go apple picking this weekend and check out a French restaurant in Dupont Circle I spotted the other day. What about you? Any fun plans?

Things I’m loving:

This pumpkin candle smells divine

Alicia Paulson released her new doll kits and they are so lovely

Loved this glimpse into the cosmetic bag of the doctor behind #pillowtalkderm

All the outfits Meghan Markle is wearing on her royal tour

I adore this new Lilly Pulitzer dress - the pink is the perfect color! And I love all the pearls, it’s just so pretty!

I love all the needlepoint canvases Carly rounded up - I may need to take up this hobby!

45 Fall cocktails

I can’t wait to try and make this pumpkin pie bread, the best dessert from NH

I may be a little late on the party to this one but I love Lauren Conrad’s podcast!

Have a great weekend everyone!


My Favorite Fall Accessories

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year for fashion. I love all the deep hues and soft textures, and the fact that it’s comfortable to wear layers. It’s not so cold that a coat overpowers your outfit, but still cool enough for a sweater. Even in Florida it cools off enough to wear pants and darker colors feel appropriate. This season there are so many beautiful options on the shelves too. I particularly love the booties and all the beautiful hair accessories! Plus, you all now I love a good pair of earrings. Here are some of my favorites right now:

Beautiful accessories for fall
  1. Pearl headband - under $10!

  2. Floral Scarf - I love the deep pink tones of this scarf, and the flowers are so pretty

  3. Birdie Slides - They are velvet and they have a Pom Pom. I think Mrs. Maisel would love them.

  4. Birdcage Earrings - I love the unique shape of these earrings and the fact that go with anything.

  5. Margaux Booties - Such a classic.

  6. Velvet Hair Bow - Hair accessories are in more than ever this fall and I love the navy option of this hair bow; it’s a fun departure from black.

  7. Clubmasters - You can’t go wrong with classic sunglasses.

  8. Longchamp Bag - This Bag fits everything! I also love that it zips up and can get wet.

  9. Frye Boots - I love the lighter color! Pls hey are on clearance and Frye boots last forever!

  10. Belt - it’s adjustable so you can wear it with all your different pant styles.

  11. Umbrella - A. Ute umbrella makes a rainy commute so much brighter.

  12. L.L.Bean boots - They are a classic, comfortable, last forever, and keep your feet dry.

  13. Stud Earrings - This pair looks a lot like the studs I got last year at J.Crew. I love how they match everything and look vintage!

  14. Mini Cameron Earrings - I’m obsessed with these. I love the shape and the size is perfect!

  15. Suede Loafers - You can never go wrong with a loafer and I love the camel color.

  16. GMG Scarf - The colorway in this scarf is just beautiful!

What are are your favorite accessories right now?


Review of Biossance Squalane Oil

review of Biossance squalane oil

I am in love with Biossance’s Squalane Oil. My skin has been acting up all summer - between the heat and humidity, allergy attacks, and switching up my skincare for all clean products it’s been a bit rough. Literally. And this product has brought it back to life!

After spending a good chunk of my 20’s figuring out how to deal with my dry and sensitive skin it was really upsetting to see it all out of whack again. When I don’t follow a rigid skincare routine consisting of morning and night moisturizer, serum, and a thorough cleansing with a mild face wash (my favorite is this one) it gets red and splotchy and I get a large dry spot in the center of my forehead. Well, this summer I stopped using a few of my moisturizers as part of my quest for “cleaner” skincare, my skin got dry and red again. Plus, the heat this summer led to breakouts as well. I’d seen a lot of ads for Biossance products and after doing a bit of research I decided to pull the trigger.

review of Biossance squalane oil

I am so happy I did! My skin is moisturized, the redness is gone, and it has it’s glow back! Plus I haven’t had any breakouts! You know when you’re skin looks radiant because it feels healthy? That’s what Squalane Oil brought back to my skin.

The Squalane Oil is made of 100% squalane oil derived from sugarcane (you can read about that here) and at $32 a bottle the price point is far more reasonable that a lot of products I’ve seen.

review of Biossance squalane oil

I also really love the Squalane + Peptide Eye Cream. It blends in nicely, I feel like my eye area is moisturized, and it doesn’t leave a greasy sheen underneath makeup.

review of Biossance squalane oil

It’s safe to say Biossane is one of my new favorite brands and I can’t wait to try the other products like the Squalane + Omega Repair Cream.

Have you tried Biossance? What’s your favorite new skincare product?


Happy Friday!

Mount Vernon gardens

What a quick week! Maybe because I’m so excited for the weekend? I’m looking forward to soaking all of this sunny cool weather in, perhaps going to the zoo, and relaxing on the coach with my latest obsession, SmartFood popcorn (not very original, but so delicious!) Between that and a Nats game I’m really looking forward to the weekend! What about you? Any fun plans on the horizon?

Here are some other things entertaining me this week -

A great hair tutorial! Such a lovely low bun

I’m in love with these boots, especially the pinkish taupe color - they’d go so well with all the pink I wear in the fall! (and all year round, lol)

Five stretches you can do at your desk

Aren’t these Polene bags gorgeous? They look like something from one of the big fashion houses but are so much less (not cheap, but way less)

I’ve been really enjoying a few pretzels with white chocolate for dessert - just put some pretzels in a bowl with white chocolate chips on top and microwave them for 30 seconds plus another 30 seconds. Voila!

Sorry Starbucks, Dunkin pumpkin is my favorite

These beauty themed dog toys are so fun!

I loved Grace’s explanation of what goes into running her blog and podcast

Have a great weekend everyone!


My Fall Baking Bucket List

My Fall baking bucket list

Fall is one not my favorite seasons for baking! It’s so nice to be cozy at home mixing together something savory in the kitchen while the world turn cool, crisp and golden. In addition, I love the flavors of fall - apples, pumpkin cinnamon - all my favorites! This year in an attempt to try some new recipes, instead of just sticking to the basics (i.e. pie) I put together a baking bucket list for myself. I hope it brings all of you some inspiration as well!

  • Cranberry zucchini bread

  • Butterscotch toffee cookies

  • Apple spice muffins

  • Pull apart caramel coffee cake

  • Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

  • Pumpkin pancakes

  • Salted apple pretzel pie

  • Pumpkin spice cookies

  • Spiced chai Bundrick cake

  • cranberry orange cupcakes

  • Maple cookies

I’m excited to share the recipes with you once I make them! What are you looking forward to making this fall?


Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is here! It’s the best time to stock up on your Lilly favorites, everything is 40-65% off! Plus, once it’s gone it’s gone forever! I always find a few favorites at the sale, the deals are just too good to pass up! This year the clothes are going fast - the pink packing cubes I wanted already sold out! So I suggest logging on quickly! Here are some of my sale favorites:

Remember when you shop that things disappear from your cart so check out fast! I also recommend logging on a few devices so you can check out a few times and not miss your favorites! Plus it gives you a better chance of getting to the front of the online line. Finally, don’t refresh your browser once you’re in the queue!

Happy Shopping!!!


Happy Friday!

Mount Vernon flowers

Happy Friday! Did you all have a nice first week of September? It was busy here in DC, but the temperature is down to the 70s right now so I’ll take it! The only downside is I’m allergic to basically all nature in fall and my nose is a mess : /

On the bright side the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sake starts in stores this weekend and online Monday! I can’t wait for some more pink goodness in my life!

Lilly Pulitzer sale

Princess Charlotte’s first day of school!

Some great fall reading recommendations

I love this quilted jacket from L.L.Bean, it looks a bit like a Barbour

I can’t wait for the Goldfinch movie!

These new pink J.Crew pajamas look so cozy!

Has anyone tried double knitting? I’m intrigued!

Have a great weekend everyone!