Happy Friday!

summer hydrangea flowers

Happy Friday everyone! Did you have a nice week? Survive the heat? We’ve had weather alerts for over 100 degrees and I am happily willing to admit that it is not my cup of tea. Oh well; I’ll just have to embrace the sunscreen life ; )

It’s been a busy week here but I’m trying to make time every night for the warm breeze summer nights by the pool. Sitting next to the water with a drink and a good book is pretty close to heaven for me. What about you? What’s your ideal summer night?

Anyway, here are some other things I’m enjoying -

There’s a Marvelous Mrs. Maisel lipstick collection!!

The darling parrot earrings from Tuckernuck are on sale!

Glossier is coming out with mercy and I’m pretty excited about it! The long sleeve tee looks so cool and cozy

Make Bouillabaisse like a French woman

I’m really watching Kelly’s home decor all come together! Love the chandelier!

I’m really excited about this microwave food cover - it’s BPA free and it collapses when you aren’t using it!

Some interesting info on plant protein

I love these pink leather boots for fall!

Have a great weekend!


Summer Beach Reads - My June Reading List

Summer Beach Reads

June was full of so many books that I think are perfect for days by the beach or lounging by the pool! Not trash, but very fast paced and enjoyable. I can’t wait to read a few more of these in July! To me, the hot days of summer are perfect for these types of books - not too light, addicting and just plain enjoyable! Here’s what I read -

More Than Words - 4.5/5 - I loved this book. It is by the author of The Light We Lost, which I also truly enjoyed (though it’s sad). More Than Words is the story of a New York debutante who lost her mother as a young girl and has recently lost her father. After his passing she learns some family secrets that change her perspective on her parents and also who she is, and what she values. The writing is beautiful and the characters were very likable.

Necessary People - 4/5 - This book is dark and twisted without going over the edge into creepy. It is the story of Stella and Violet, best friends from college who move to New York City together after graduation. Stella is a rich party girl, and Violet is a hard working girl with a poor background and a nonexistent relationship with her family. Violet aspires to become a news producer and when Stella starts competing with her in the workplace things get ugly, fast. It’s one of those books you can’t put down, and the ending is a complete surprise!

The Kiss Quotient - 3/5 - There were parts of this book I really liked and parts I didn’t care for. The book is about Stella, a lovely young woman with Autism who is struggling in her efforts to date. She decides to practice by hiring a male escort, Michael, who is a male version of Vivian in Pretty Woman. I loved the getting to know the characters, and thought the love story was sweet. What I didn’t like was how parts of it read like a harlequin romance. It was a lot, and I ended up skipping over multiple scenes, just FYI.

Park Avenue Summer - 4.5/5 - What a fun read! This book follows Alice, a young woman from Ohio who moves to New York to pursue her dream of becoming a professional photographer. Along the way she becomes the secretary for Helen Gurly Brown, a true person who transformed Cosmopolitan into the woman’s magazine it is today. Following Alice on her journey of self-discovery in 1960’s New York was so fun and cool, it makes you want to put on a mod banana shift for a night on the town!

I Am Madame X - 3/5 - This book is a fictional account of the figure behind John Singer Sargent’s famous painting Madame X. I enjoyed reading about Paris in the 1870s and 1880s, and enjoyed the characters (except her mother!). Plus, reading about the art world is always entertaining to me, and I loved reading about Paris’s reaction to the Impressionist movement.

Have you read any good books lately? Please Share!


Happy Friday!

Washington DC hydrangea

I hope you all had a wonderful week! Mine was spent getting back on track after a weekend away, cookies, candies from FAO Schwartz, and lots of work. The business will be worth it though, when I get to relax on Saturday and spent time with my parents when they arrive next week. They started talking about visiting for the 4th of July almost a year ago, I can’t believe the trip is actually here! This past year has just flown by for me - the phrase the days are long but the years are short is so true.

Here are some fun things I enjoyed online this week -

My purse of the summer, the Kate Spade Canvas Sam Bag, is on sale for under $100!

You can remove pen ink stains with hand sanitizer, and it really works!

I always love Carly’s Spotify playlists and she has a new one

Kelly’s mood boards for her master bedroom are giving me house envy!

Tuckernuck has a new packable hat line, these are so great for traveling

If Disney characters donned designer bags made me laugh

How to bring Old Hollywood into your home

I’ve been using a good old Clarisonic recently to exfoliate and my skin loves it!

Warby Parker makes bags now!

This shaken pina colada looks pretty great!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Happy Friday


Sorry I was a little MIA this week! I thought I had scheduled a post, but it got scheduled to a section of the website that isn’t visible (#newappproblems) and then, honestly, the daily logistics of life took over. I had to call the dentist like 5 times one day to schedule 2 cleanings, same with the optometrist, etc.. It sounds like not a big deal, but it was stuff like that non-stop all week and it just takes so much longer than you think and truly saps all of my patience and attention span. But, on the bright side, while I was on hold so long I found some fun internet articles, lol. Did anyone else have a week where the smallest items on your to do list take up ALL of your time?

But, back to finding joy : ) Here are some articles that made me smile this week-

I really enjoyed this interview with the former Glamour UK beauty editor

Men’s polos are on sale and an extra 30% off at Ralph Lauren, a great last minute Father’s Day gift!

The recipe for the perfect mascara application

Some good restaurant recommendations if you are going to Savannah any time soon!

I’m in love with Lilly Pulitzer’s navy new arrivals, especially this dress!

How to help save the bees if you live in a city

A great high low list if you are on the market for a new purse

I love Kate Middleton’s casual look, especially the pleated collar

I can’t wait to make these salmon burgers this weekend

Essie nailpolishes on sale for $6.59 at Target!

Have a great weekend!


Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

The arrival of the summer heat has me day dreaming about all the fun summer activities I want tompartake in this year. Picnics, kayaking, trips to the beach, the list goes on and on! In order to make sure I actually do any of it, I’ve been working on my summer bucket list. Sometimes too many options can just be daunting, you know? A short(ish) list can make it a lot easier to make sure you actually accomplish what you want! So here’s my list:

  1. Take a trip to the beach and go in the ocean

  2. Eat all you can eat crabs somewhere fun

  3. Kayak down the Potomac

  4. Grill Friday night dinner outside

  5. Go on a romantic weekend getaway

  6. Finish knitting my cousin’s wedding afghan

  7. Watch fireworks over the Capital

  8. See a show (Aladdin is coming to town and I think that could be fun!)

  9. Go to a fair and ride the potato sacks

  10. Never get a bad sun burn

  11. Start wearing SOF in my hands daily

  12. Make homemade ice cream

Whats your summer bucket list?


Happy Friday!

Georgetown Flowers

Hello Friends! Did you have a nice week? Does it feel like summer? It sure does here in the capital! While I wouldn’t mind it the humidity backed off a little, I am here for it! I can’t wait to sit by the pool, where my Jack Rogers everywhere and anywhere, sip pina coladas and enjoy summer meals by the grill. How about you?

There’s a script for Legally Blonde 3!!!

The Kate Spade Canvas Sam, the perfect bag for the summer, is 30% off! I picked one up in navy and paired it with this parrot scarf. I’m obsessed!

How to tell if you exfoliate too much

Ever wondered what sauce paired with that fun pasta shape? Here’s a guide!

I bought some kinetic sand to make a centerpiece for our kitchen table for summer, and the stuff is so darn fun to play with! I highly recommend it, especially if you have kids around to play with you

I really enjoyed this Fat Mascara podcast with a podiatrist - I learned so much about taking care of my feet!

Summer reading recommendations

I guess I’m staying away from this mask

June dinner recipe ideas

Adorable new Target finds

Have a great weekend everybody!


May Reading List


I feel like May flew by but was also rather long. Anyone else? One positive side effect of that phenomena is that it was full of so many good books! I’ve been in a reading habit lately where I either tear through a book or it takes me a week or two. This month was no exception, though I really enjoyed most of the books (regardless of how long it took to read). I’m hoping June is as successful from a reading standpoint, fingers crossed! 

Ghosted - 4/5 -  This is a mystery romance centered around a woman who dates a man for a week, falls in love, and then stops hearing from him. She is convinced that something bad happened to him, but all of her friends try and convince her to move on because he’s just not that into her. The book is sweet, a little sad, and kept me on my toes. The twist near the end of the book completely took my by surprise, which is hard to do!

Next Year in Havana - 4.5/5 -  This is a love story that takes place in the present age and also right before Castro took over the island. I didn’t know much about that period in Cuban history, and I feel like I learned so much about the island then and now. I loved feeling like I was stepping into the past, and the love stories were very poignant. If you like romance and historical fiction this one is for you. 

The Light We Lost - 4/5 - I think I should start by warning you that this book was so sad. It’s about a couple that falls for each other in college and keep leaving and entering each other’s lives. It was very compelling, I couldn’t put it down, and I think it had some very insightful things to say about different types of love and relationships. I highly recommend, it, but have a box of tissues close by!

The Other Woman - 3/5 - This book centers on a young woman in London who met her dream man and can’t wait to get hitched - the only glitch is his mother, who hates her and will stop at nothing to break them apart. There are a few twists at the end, one of which I guessed and the other one took me completely by surprise. It was a fast paced read that I enjoyed, but I give it 3/5 instead of higher because the main character really bugged me sometimes. 

 The Immortalists - 3/5 - In this novel four siblings go to see a psychic when they are young kids in NYC. The psychic gives them each the day of their deaths, and the prediction shapes the rest of their lives. The book questions the idea of fate, and destiny, and how much predictions come true versus us making them come true. It was a bit of a slow read, but I thought that the author made the characters emotions come alive in a heartfelt and beautiful way. If you want a book that makes you ponder I recommend it. 


Happy Friday

Washington DC Flowers

Happy Friday everyone! Is it me or is May already flying by? I know it just started but I feel like it’s already almost over. I have a feeling that that is how the whole summer is going to feel, between holidays and vacations and family visiting. You know the saying, time flies when you’re having fun (or rather, busy!) This week had a bit of time to catch up on life - chores, errands, phonecalls. Plus, we made it to the zoo on a Wednesday so I’ll just call it a success! The weather is so nice here I think we will continue playing tourist this weekend and see Mount Vernon before it gets too hot. What are your plans?

Welcome to the world baby Archie!

The best beauty looks from the Met Gala

I love these floral print pajamas

So excited that Southern Charm is coming back!

I love this cute white handbag, I think it would look so good monogrammed

I’m excited for the new Nancy Drew show! I used to love those books!

Have you seen the new Aladdin trailer?

These “beautifying” drinks sound like such a refreshing mid-day treat

Tips on how to air dry your hair

I love Duchess Kate’s nautical look here

Have an amazing weekend everyone!


What I Read In April

what I read in April

Happy May everyone! Another month, more books and more reviews! I didn’t read quite as many in April as I would have liked; I was on the library wait list for a while which slowed me down, and then I read American Pop at a slower pace than usual. Overall, I’d say in April I either loved what I read or felt very meh about it. We’ll see if that holds true for May too.

Here’s what I read, in order of reading -

State of Wonder - 3/5 - This is another book by the wonderful Ann Patchett. I really enjoyed the writing of this book and found it very creative and unique. It is the story of Marina Singh, a doctor who works for a drug company that is developing a wonder fertility drug. Her colleague goes down to the Amazon to investigate why the drug has been delayed and he succumbs to fever and dies. Marina follows him down to the Amazon to retrieve his belongings in the hopes of bringing the wife closure, and finds something completely different than she intended. There is a big twist in the middle, which I really liked. Overall it was good but not outstanding.

American Pop - 2/5 - This is a novel about the Forster family over multiple generations. The Forsters developed a drink akin to Coca Cola and became American royalty over the years. It follows various family members through their lives and is written like a biography. My gripe with the book is that every chapter is about a different character and takes place at a different time (completely out of order). It made it very hard to “get into” the book, especially since I didn’t develop an affinity for any of the characters. Overall it was a slow read and a just okay book.

Bad Blood - 4/5 - This is a non fiction account of Theranos, the blood testing company, and it’s founder Elizabeth Holmes. The book follows the company from it’s beginnings, and details all of the ways it went wrong over the years, ending in the present investigation. I learned a lot about Silicon Valley, how start-ups a valued and funded, and about Theranos in particular. I found it very fascinating, especially since it’s still a big news story. If you want to read some non-fiction, it’s very engaging and very interesting!

Kingdom of Ash - 5/5 - This is the final book in the Throne of Glass series, which is a YA series about a magic world being invaded by demons and the cast of characters who seek to save it. If you like adventure and fantasy books, I highly recommend it! It’s fun and engaging and keeps you on your toes, plus the characters are very likely. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll just say that you should read it!

I’ve really enjoyed writing these monthly reading recaps! I love giving people book recommendations, and it’s also held me accountable to my goal to read more non-fiction and less trash. I hope you’ve found some books you like!


Happy Friday

Georgetown in the Spring

Happy Friday everyone! Or rather, happy Avengers weekend! LOL I’m so happy and sad to see the movie, I can’t believe the series is ending - what do we have left to look forward to?! I can’t wait to see it with lots of popcorn and La Croix (after we re-watch the last one, of course). That, and grilling on the roof. The air is the perfect 70ish degrees with no humidity, and I’m enjoying it as much as I can before the summer heat comes.

Some other things I’m enjoying-

45 things to know/remeber before you watch Avengers End Game

Amy Sherman Palladino (creator of Mrs. Maisel and the Gilmore Girls) is coming out with a new show!

Easy lifestyle swaps to make your day more environmentally friendly

Sounds like the royal baby will be here soon!

Love these pink scallop shell earrings - I told you guys scallop earrings would be everywhere soon!

I also love these pink heart earrings, so cute!

Rachel Parcell, of Pink Peonies, makeup routine

I love this look on Grace at The Stripe! And isn’t the tote bag just stunning?

Any other Marvel fans out there? Did you get tickets?