Happy Friday!

The Boardwalk

What a quick week! We didn't have work on Monday for Presidents Day which made the rest of the week fly by (which was great, to be honest). After being go-go-go for the past number of weekends I'm looking forward to a couple days full of cleaning the apartment, finishing errands (and our taxes) and take-out. Maybe we'll go to the Honda Classic, but that's a big maybe at this point. What about you? Anything fun going on? 

We have been watching Jeopardy every night, and they are doing a casting soon! You can take the test at Jeapardy.com in a few weeks, and in the mean time you can take quizzes and answer practices questions! The high school quiz bowl champion in me is coming out hard core, haha.

I really want this cashmere Lilly sweater. Has anyone purchased cashmere from Lilly before? Does it hold up well? 

Carly, from Carly the Prepster, has had two great pieces are starting your own blog recently. I found her advice really helpful, and am taking it all to heart. The article is here, and the youtube video is here.

I mentioned this before in passing, but I am loving the Glossier Generation G in Crush. It is a gorgeous pop of pink that wears into the perfect stain. Think Snow White lips in the best possible way. (plus you get 20% off with my rep link on your first Glossier order. gotta love a coupon!)

I think I'm ready to cut off my hair. I guess this shouldn't be a big deal, but for me it is. I've had it super long for years now (since before I met my husband) and I've been sick of it for a while. I wanted it long for our wedding so I could put it up, and planned on getting it cut after, but then I just didn't. It almost felt stereotypical. Now, however, I'm over the 1 hour it takes to dry it, and just want a new 'do when I look in the mirror. I'm thinking long bob, like Anne Hathaway in the Intern, or Emily on Cupcakes and Cashmere. Does anyone have any advice on styling a lob? Should I go for it? Eek!

I read this article on how to get a clothing line from conception to store hanger, and found it fascinating. It's a very brief overview, but I still learned stuff which I like.   

Has anyone else read any fun article lately? Seen any good youtube videos? Please share!