Decorating for Fall

I love changing my home decor with the seasons. I change up the throw pillows, kitchen table, kitchen do-dads and general knick knacks to match whatever season and holiday we are in. This year I've seen so much awesome fall and halloween decor at every price point, I've been like a kid in a candy shop at every store from Pottery Barn to Home Goods to Trader Joes (I love decorating with their mini fall pumpkins, at $.69 they are hard to pass up!)

I find that switching up the cheaper and smaller home decor makes every room feel fresh, and makes me excited for all the traditions and adventures that a new season brings. This year I tried to find a few classic pieces for fall that I can re-use next season, and add in some cheaper trendy pieces that can be switched up every year. That way, nothing feels tired but I'm not wasting money.

Here are some of my favorite finds, including both my "timeless" pick and my use it and find a new one next year options. 

Fall Home Decor

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Have you guys found any great holiday decor? Please tell! xxAllie