My Current Mascara Routine

I have been getting a lot of compliments on my mascara game recently, so I thought I would share my current secrets. They're pretty simple, and only take an extra 30 seconds. The results are pretty good though! My barre instructor even asked me if I had fake eyelashes on, and that was 8+ hours after I did my makeup. 

Here's my routine:

1. I use Benefit's Roller Lash to do a base layer. I am using a travel size, but I like this mascara more than enough that I'll buy the full size when I run out. I try and really get the roots, and the brush on this mascara makes it very easy. 

How to Layer Mascara

2. I immediately due a heavier coat of Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara

3. After I have finished every other step of my makeup routine I do one more coat with the Eye Opening Mascara, but not as heavy this time.

How to Layer Mascara

And that's it! I really like the results, and they don't flake at all before I shower. Plus, the formulas are pretty easy to get off. I use baby shampoo in the shower and rub my eyelids; this normally gets it all, and if not a quick swipe of Bioderma gets the rest.