Halloween Celebration Ideas

I can't believe Halloween is tomorrow; didn't October fly by? My husband and I hosted a Halloween party this weekend, our first party as a couple! It went really well if I do say so for ourselves, and we are super excited to become "people who are good at hosting parties." 

While preparing for and hosting the party I got a ton of good ideas for Halloween bashes that I thought I would share; after all, the holiday isn't till Tuesday so there's still plenty of time to celebrate! And, I think a few of them apply in general to any holiday gathering :)

Halloween Guacamole

1. Have snacks ready to go - We made this skull guacamole and everyone loved it! I think it worked really well to have a snack out the minute people walked through the door, and the fact that the food was themed to the party was a good conversation piece. 

Autumn Cocktails

2. Have a signature drink - We had the ingredients for a number of alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks on hand, including a few themed cocktails. Our signature drink for the night was a Caramel Apple Moscow Mule. It tasted really good, and people were excited to try it and my husband loved playing bartender. Having a signature drink is, again, a good conversation piece - especially when not everyone at the party knows each other well. 

3. Make people dress up - Guests might love dressing up, even if they grumble about it. It's fun and festive and makes the event a party and not just dinner with snacks. While at Halloween it's obvious that it will be a costume party, I think dressing up applies to any party. You can do the ugly sweater route at Christmas, or even have it be a "dress up" party. I think people get more into attending the party and are more excited to be there when they put effort into attiring themselves, and it makes the party stick out in everyone's memory. 

4. Spotify - Spotify has a bunch of awesome Halloween playlists right now! We had music going the whole party, even with Hocus Pocus in the background.

Cauliflower Mash

5. Have dinner - We decided to have hors d'oeurvres and a full dinner, and all the guests really appreciated being fed so much food. It made for a day of cooking, but my husband and I had a really great time being a team in the kitchen all day. It made for a really great memory and a lot of happy stomachs. We served apple chips and brie, butternut squash bruschetta, beef stew, and autumn glow salad. For dessert there was candy, of course, and I made these cookies and these cookies. I highly recommend all of them, especially the stew and autumn salad.