What to Buy with the Sephora Beauty Insider Coupon

Every year I get really excited about the fall Sephora Beauty Insider coupon. Most of the beauty products I buy never go on sale anywhere, so it is such a treat to have a coupon! I normally don't buy any beauty products for a month or two beforehand (the coupon normally comes out the first week of November) and then walk through Sephora/the Sephora website like a kid in a candy store. 

Their product offerings have recently gotten so large, I thought I would put together a guide of my favorites right now by category. I love makeup, and spend a bit of time reading reviews and playing with beauty products, so I thought all of my knowledge could be of use to all of you! 


1. Nars Laguna Bronzer - I love this bronzer and use it almost every day. It leaves a very natural glow, and the glitter isn't noticeable on the face. Rather it makes it seem glow-y as opposed to your matte bronzer. It also comes with a lot of product, which is nice. 

2. Naled 2 Basics - This is a fantastic every day eyeshadow palette. All of the colors are wearable, it does a a highlighted eye, a basic neutral eye, a smoky eye and everything in between. It is also great for travel since it includes all the colors I need and isn't too big. 

3. BareMinerals Serum Concealer - This concealer has wonderful coverage and lasts all day. I put it under my eyes (and blend up onto my eyelid) on the sides of my nose and on the sides of my lips.  I also layers well under liquid foundation as well as the original Bare Minerals. 

4. Bare Minerals Original Foundation - This has been my favorite foundation for years. It never irritates my skin, is so quick and easy to apply, and I love the coverage (natural yet airbrushed). It also lasts forever and never goes bad. 

5.  Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash - This is my base layer mascara. I think the brush is excellent for getting right at the roots, and it lifts lashes as opposed to weighing them down. I also love that it washes off easy in the shower. 

6. Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara - This mascara is good for more impact. It makes lashes noticeably thicker and sootier, for more of a fake lash feel. It lasts all day without flaking and is washes of easily (a rare combination). I recommend it layered over Roller Lash

7.  Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector - My makeup artist used this on me at my wedding and I loved the results. It is just so pretty, and is not too glittery. It also lasted all day, and I got married in August in South Florida, so that's saying something. Sephora started carrying it in a travel size too, which I love since highlighter isn't something I use up quickly and save money by buying the smaller size. 

8. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Highlighter - I have been wanting to try this blush for a long time (I love blush) and now that the rose is in the travel size I'm really excited to try it. It's just so pretty! I've swatched it in stores a number of times and it's a very pretty, shimmery blush color. 


Value Sets:

1. Fresh Sugar Lip Beauty Box - I love Fresh lip balms. They go on super smooth and are extremely moisturizing. The color pay off varies widely depending on the color, so you can have a sheer lip, a romantic pink. or even a bright red without sacrificing moisture. This kit is a great value and allows you to try so many colors. If you're interested get it quickly - they're holiday kits always sell out very fast. 

2. Caudalie Favorites Set - I first tried Caudalie while in France and really like the products (and the branding, not going to lie ha!) The moisture mask is very nice, and I like the texture of the moisturizer when it dries. This kit is great for trying out a number of their most popular products at a reasonable price, or it's great for travel! 

3. Fresh Pretty in Pink Lip Gift - Again, I love Fresh! This set is a great price and has three of my favorite colors. I alternate between Rose and Petal almost every day, and use Tulip for night. This kit also makes an adorable stocking stuffer, so I'd stock up for gifts!

4. Burberry Festive Beauty Box - I love Burberry beauty. The products seem so luxurious and fancy, and the quality is really great. This kit allows you to try a few heavy hitters without breaking the bank. Their fresh glow is a great highlighter, I love it layered on top of a powder highlighter or on its own. I also have found their eyeshadow to have an awesome color pay off and to give a sexy sheen. 

5. DryBar Fully Loaded - If you are in the market for a new blow dryer this set is a great deal! After a ton of research I have decided to get a Buttercup to replace my dying blowdryer - I love the high speed to try my super thick long hair faster. I use hold me clips all the time, and have yet to use a DryBar hair product I don't like. I haven't used these yet, but since I'm going to get the dryer regardless, I'm very excited to try them!

6. Moroccanoil Hydrating Travel Kit - I love Moroccanoil products. The hydrating hair mask and shampoo/conditioner brought my frizzy dried out hair back to life and I'm a loyal customer now. 

7. Kate Somerville All Glow, No Glitter - I love Kate Somerville's face wash, both the Daily Foaming Wash and the Intensive Exfoliating treatment. I have very sensitive skin, and her products, including her Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream, work without irritating it.  



1. Amika Perfection Straightening Brush - I am so, so exciting to try this! All of the reviews are awesome, and it made the Into the Gloss top 25 list this year! I really want to up my hair game and start wearing it down more, and I think this will allow me to tame it, without losing volume! I can't wait. 

2. Baby Buttercup Blow Dryer - This is a great alternative to the full size if you are hesitant to spend so much money, or are sick of hotel blowdryers / having overweight luggage. I'm going to pick one up for sure, since my husband is insisting on carry on luggage from now on...

3.  Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask - This hair mask is AMAZING at making hair seem silky, the trial size will last a number of washes (I estimate 8 even if you have long hair) and the price, since it's a trial can't be beat. Plus it's in a tube so you don't have to scoop your hands out of a tub. If you have dried out frizzy hair, I highly, highly recommend buying it. 

4. Moroccanoil Perfect Defense - This is a new product, their heat protectant spray. I read a great review of it on Gal Meets Glam, and am excited to try it since I love the other Moroccan oil products so much. With the travel size that Sephora carries, it seems like a no risk all reward situation to me! 

5. Christophe Robin Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt - If you are like me and get product build up at the roots (a hazard of sulfate free shampoo I think), then this stuff should be great! Bye bye build up. Plus, if it doesn't work for you, Sephora has free returns! 

6. GHD Classic 1" Straightener - I love this straightener. It's a classic, powerful tool that straightens my hair even in Florida humidity. It also heats up very quickly and stays hot the entire time I do my hair. 

Skin care:

1. Foreo Luna Mini - I love my luna. Since I started using it I never get a pimple and it never irritates my skin. The charge also lasts months. 

2. Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel - This peel is great. Even my dad noticed a difference when I used it after 2 days! Plus, again, it never irritates my skin.

3. Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion - This essence packs a hydrating punch at a fraction of the cost of the SK-II one. When paired with a basic moisturizer skin feels dramatically more hydrated, and the bottle lasts a long time. 

4. Bite Beauty Lip Mask - I love using this at night. It smells divine and my chapped lips (I have a bad habit of biting them) feel healed in the morning. With the dry winter weather ahead I'd call this one a must buy! And, if you wear it in the day, it has a lipgloss like sheen but is moisturizing instead of drying.