Our Stay at the Château La Chenevière

For three days of our Honeymoon we stayed at the Château La Chenevière. It was magical. My husband got the recommendation from a work colleague, and it surpassed all our high expectations. First of all, the landscape is breath taking. The French countryside it simply gorgeous and the coastal town of Port En Bessin felt like we were walking through a picture book. 

The hotel itself is very lovely. It feel very romantic and includes tennis courts, a heated pool, a library, a basement that felt like a room in the Great Gatsby, and plenty of outdoor seating. We stayed in the room at the very top, and it had a massive tub and windows that opened out like a character in Beauty and the Beast. Suffice it to say I was in heaven. 

The Château La Chenevière offers amazing food for every meal of the day. The bread and butter were divine, the cocktails were delicious, the five course meal was one of the best I ever ate (the other being the Ritz in Paris) and the room service of brie and bread and butter made my life. On top of this there are amenities like bicycles to ride into town, the staff as speak English, and there is a beautiful garden that the chefs use to cook the wonderful food. 

Our whole stay was magical and we hope to one day go back. If you are looking to stay in Normandy, we highly recommend the Château La Chenevière!

NB: there was a palm tree by the pool. Is anyone else astounded by this fact? I couldn't believe there was a palm tree so far north!