Friday Funday

Happy Fri-yay Everyone! We made it, and next week has only 3 work days! 

This week has gone by lickety-split as my mom would say, I think in part because I was so relaxed after a wonderful birthday weekend with my husband. He treated me like a princess the whole time, he is the sweetest kindest husband and I feel so blessed to have him. We both disconnected and enjoyed some quality time together, and it set us up for a great week (and a great start to the holidays I think). 

A frozen beverage is always in season in South Florida

A frozen beverage is always in season in South Florida

This week was also full of fun, good books, online shopping and holiday prep. There are a number of things I am excited to share, so here we go-

1. I love all of the Anthopologie holiday decor right now. Everything feels special and charming, and I can't wait to decorate with my favorite pieces.

2. I bought these battery powered tea lights to put in the candle holders we have around the house and I love them! They flicker just like real candles, but there is none of the worry that comes from having an open flame. I think they are especially perfect for large gatherings when there are a lot of people moving and hair swishing.

3. I got this pattern in the mail today from Alicia Paulson and I cannot wait to stitch it while I day dream about walks in the snow and hot cups of cocoa.

4. I might be a little late to the party on this one, but I just watched the Jennifer Lawrence interview Kim KW on Jimmy Kimmel and definitely laughed out loud a few times. I recommend laughing along while taking a nice bubble bath (just don't drop the iPad : )

5. I walked into an Athlete recently and they had another vendor talking about their essential oil diffuser. When I walked by the table my sinuses immediately opened up, no joke. I am now on the hunt for a cute diffuser to use with the oils lavender and stress away (that's what they had going in the store). If you have any diffuser recommendations let me know! It seems like a great way to battle cold and allergy season without medicine.

6. I started buying the pre-made soups at Trader Joes for lunch at work and they're amazing! They are so delicious and healthy and, to be honest, I am so sick of yogurt...

7. I'm really loving the circle bag trend right now. Isn't this one gorgeous?