Tech Gifts Everyone Will Love

It seems like tech gifts end up on everyone's Christmas list in some form or another. Honestly, they are some of the best presents to open, since you know you'll use it and (at least for me) it's less likely I'll splurge and buy it for myself than say a sweater. Knowing what to get someone can be the hard part, especially if they aren't a person who makes a "list." To help with this conundrum I have rounded up the best tech gifts I have received and given, all of which are sure to be a hit! 

Tech Gifts

Speakers - Last year my parents loved this Bose speaker I got them, and the year before my now husband loved receiving one from his parents. We use them almost every day, and love that we can carry them around the house to listen to music wherever we are, or take them on the road. With the new waterproof micro Bose speaker you can even take them camping now! This Marshall speaker is retro looking in the very best way, and this one looks like a book which I love! All in all I think a portable speaker a great gift that someone is sure to get a ton of use out of.

Headphones - A nice pair of headphones makes a huge difference when listening to music. I received a wireless pair a few years ago, and it was a game changer. They are so much easier to use at the gym, and way more comfortable than the headphones that come with ones phone. I think they're a great gift because they will improve the quality of life of whoever you purchase them for, and will be used all the time! My husband and I have these and highly recommend them, I've heard amazing things about these noise cancelling headphones, these Kate Spade ones are super cute, and these bose ones are on sale.   

Tablets - I love my iPad and think they are a great gift if you are looking to spend a little more money. The family chipped in and got my grandma a new one this year (she got an iPad 2 a few years ago and adored it and uses it all day every day) and I am so excited to open it! I also think the Barnes and Noble Nook Glow is great (I have one's a lot easier to read on than the iPad in my opinion. The battery lasts WAY longer, the light isn't as bright to disturb my husband at night time and it's a lot lighter to hold up). They are also a lot cheaper, as is the kindle, and I think any book lover is sure to adore them as a present! The library has lots of ebooks now, so they can load it up with free books right away!  

Streaming Devices - Everyone I know (myself included) who received a streaming device for Christmas loved them! Chromecast is great, it lets you stream almost anything, my grandfather and aunt love their roku, and we got the Apple TV recently and love it. If you have apple products it pairs so easily, we loved using airplay to show everyone our pictures from Paris. The other thing that is great about this gift is the come at multiple price points, and the Chromecast starts at $35!

Does anyone else have any go to tech gifts? Do tell! and happy shopping!