Outfit Ideas for Your Work Christmas Party

Holiday party time is upon us! Which means that the yearly tradition of I have no idea what I should wear to that is upon us as well. Dressing for the work holiday party is such a conundrum, at least for me. I want to look cute and festive, yet entirely appropriate and above all modest and I want to look nice, but not too much nicer than anyone else, and I want to be comfortable (i.e. bundled in a cardigan) but don't want to look frumpy, and what did the boss's wife wear last year again?...I think you get the drift.

This year I found out I have three holiday parts to attend WITH THE SAME WORK PEOPLE. My plan for one dress and done is not going to work, so I went to the mall and found a number of great options! Since I assume I am not the only one stressed about work party's/husband's work parties, I wanted to share my findings with everyone. I hope this post helps everyone out! 

Clothing for a work party

Dresses - I got this dress and I wore it to Thanksgiving, and I am wearing it to a work party brunch the s weekend. I love it, it's feminine but work appropriate and it feels really special. Plus it's on sale now! I also love this dress, it's such a beautiful red lace, and this one is long-sleeved and embraces holiday plaid which I love.

Pants - A pair of well fitting dress slacks can't do you wrong. I picked up this pair for one of my holiday parties and am super happy with the fit. I also love that they are something that I will get a lot of use of after the holiday party season is over. I also tried on these and liked the texture for something a little bit dressier, and I think these are stunning.

Tops - I bought this top and am in love with it. Here is a long sleeved version for colder climates. I also really liked this one that I tried on, and I think this one is so festive! Plus, like with the pants, they are all easy to incorporate into your wardrobe for other events.

Shoes - Shoes are the most fun part (fun fact, when I was little I had a book called "The Shoe Book" and my dad read it to me almost every day). If you have festive red heels I say go for it! If you feel like splurging these are so classic and elegant. These embrace the velvet trend and are a great price, and these are so festive!

I hope these ideas hope you find an outfit for your party! Happy holiday-time! xAllie