Glossier Updates

There are some fun things going on at Glossier, right now! I wanted to share, especially since I think Glossier products make really great gifts. The packaging, including the stickers, brings a smile to any present opener! 

Discounts -

Generation G + Lip gloss - $6 off when you buy both

Haloscope Highlighter* + Boy Brow eyebrow makeup - $8 off when you buy both

Wowder setting powder + brush - $7 off when you buy both

Cloud paint blush* - $6 off when you buy two

Masks - $4 off when you buy both

Shipping - they are back to free shipping with a $30 order 

And, don't forget, 10% off your first order when you buy through this link :)


You can download the Glossier stickers now as an add on in iMessage so you can send them to your friends. In addition, they have an awesome play list on spotify! 

*I recently started mixing cloud paint and halo scope on the back of my hand and then applying the mix to my cheeks. It make for a more glow-y effect without being glittery. I also layer on powder brush after, and it lasts FOREVER