Clothes for Pure Barre

clothes for Pure Barre

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I have been attending Pure Barre classes for a little over a year now and really love it. I feel healthier and stronger than I did before, even though I was working out on my own. I love the camaraderie of attending class with a group of women, many of whom I see repeatedly and become "barre friends" with. I also have learned that when it comes to fitness I am very motivated by a group setting. When left to my devices I skimp out on the exercises I don't like, and I just don't find it as fun. 

When at Pure Barre I'm a bit picky about what clothes I wear. I like very supportive sports bras, form fitting tanks (or very very loose short sleeve tops), and pants or capris that ARE NOT SEE THROUGH. 

So far, my tried and true brands are Beyond Yoga and Alo for bottoms, Athleta for tops and sports bras, Lululemon for sports bras (and the occasional top) and whatever my local studio is selling for sticky socks. I find that the Space Dye Beyond Yoga pants (4 and 8) wash very well, are opaque, and are somehow more comfortable than not wearing anything.

I like the Athleta tops because they have a wide selection of tanks that don't have a built in bra, and they go on sale relatively quickly. I also find the New Balance for J.Crew workout gear to be high quality and well priced. 

Am I missing any excellent brands? They Vineyard Vines and Lilly gear looks really fun, but I don't have any experience with. Is it quality? I'd love your suggestions!