Copper Accent Pieces

I am really enjoying the copper trend for home decor, especially in the kitchen. It looks crisp and clean and timeless, while also on trend. The couple of copper pieces have really added some color and brightened up our kitchen. Since you don't need to have everything copper in order to make a statement, it's easy to adopt the trend while not going "all in." In addition, unlike many trends, I find that copper pieces are functional as well! The copper tools and often used accessories, like the paper towel holder, are easy to clean and come at a variety of price points. The pieces we have haven't scratched yet, or corroded green (*the exception is a copper hand soap container. I tried putting dishwashing liquid in it...let's just say it didn't work). 

I rounded up a few pieces that I currently have my eye on, and think will look great upon the kitchen counter. I might just have to go buy the towel bar right now...

Copper Accent Pieces

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Whether you want everything to be copper or just a few accent pieces, I think it's a fun new trend that has some longevity. Just look at copper drain pipes and gutters- they never go out of style.

Has anyone else adopted the trend? Any new pieces I need to watch out for?