Scarves for Handbags

 love the trend of tying a scarf on the handle of my handbag. It adds some color and pattern to one's outfit, and also looks a plain colored bag look more interesting and custom. Depending on the size of the scarf you can even tie it different ways based on the outift - perhaps a bow if your outfit is simpler (likes jeans and a tee) or a slip knot if your scarf is smaller or your outfit has "more going on."

I rounded up some of my favorites to share, but any scarf, bandana, or pocket square will work! 

Scarves to tie on handbags

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1 - The Tie Bar Mini Dots Silk Pocket Square. A men's pocket square is the perfect size to tie a slip knot around a purse handle, and they tend to be cheaper than their lady's department counterparts (what else is new...) . This one is a pretty "millenial pink" and only $10!

2 - Ratti Painted Pineapple Bandana. I love all the colors on this bandana. It will match any outfit and is also quite summery. In addition, it is large enough to easily tie around your hair or neck.

3 - Palm Tree Bandana. I think this bandana is absolutely adorable. The little palm trees add a little color, and the blue and white mean it won't clash with any outfit you wear it with. It's also a steal at less than $25!

4. Cactus Silk Scarf. This scarf is fun and silky, and has a bit more of an urban outfitters vibe which I like. 

5. Floral Silk Square Scarf. I think this floral pattern is just so pretty! I also think the color pattern means it will pair nicely with summer colors, white dresses, and jean shorts. 

6. Paradise Floral Silk Square Scarf. I think this pattern has a vintage-y feel without being too literal. It also comes in other colors, and the silky fabric will feel good around your neck when it's not on your bag.

7. Blue Stripe Fashion Scarf. Leave it to Target to have the perfect neutral basic! The white and blue looks classic, and will match pretty much any outfit or handbag. 

8. Ditsy Garden Skinny Silk Scarf. Since this scarf is narrower it will easily tie into a bow. I also love the green. I've been trying to incorporate this color more into my wardrobe and I think a scarf is the perfect place to start.  

9. Paris in the Spring Scarf. I had to add in a Paris item...I'm a little obsessed leading into our trip. I also love that this scarf is on sale! And, I think it would look so pretty as decor around your home when you aren't using it on your purse. 

Does anyone else have some good suggestions? I'd love to hear! I'm amassing a bit of a collection...