Dress for Afternoon Tea

Callista Shift Dresssneakers |  | cardigan | Mulberry bag

The first day of my honeymoon my husband and I spent touring London. Thanks to a wonderful recommendation from a friend we made reservations for tea at The Orangery. It is a lovely restaurant on the grounds of Kensington palace. The tea was delicious and the atmosphere was perfect - it is casual and beautiful, and historical. We toured the grounds, walked through the gardens, and shared tea (for me!) and a baked chicken (for my husband).

I knew that since we were in London for such a short amount of time, one day, that I wanted to be comfortable but presentable so that I wouldn't have to waste time going back to the hotel to change in between events. This Lilly Pulitzer dress was perfect. It fit in perfectly at The Orangery, on our tour bus, on our Buckingham Palace tour, and at our fish and chips dinner. It also didn't wrinkle, so it's perfect for traveling. I bought this lightweight cardigan in case the weather got chillier, and it matched all my outfits. I paired the dress with my favorite sneakers for walking outside of the gym and a new pink Mulberry bag for a pop of color. 

We also got to tour Buckhingham Palace (!!!) which I HIGHLY recommend if you are in London in the summer. We couldn't take any pictures, but suffice it to say that the palace is beautiful on the inside.