Eight Great Table Lamps

I have been on the hunt for new lamps for our nightstands. I am looking for someone that will make the room seem lighter (haha) and brighter, but that isn’t too feminine or masculine for that matter. It would also be ideal if they had a USB outlet in them. I’ve been on the hunt for a while now, and thought it might be helpful to some of you who might also be searching for new lamps if I grouped together my favorites. 

Eight Great Table Lamps

1. I love the marble base on this Cupcakes and Cashmere lamp. It feels modern and elegant without being fancy. 

2. I like the height of this avenue lamp, and the face that the glass middle opens the piece up so it doesn’t feel so heavy like a lot of desk lamps do. Plus it has a USB outlet!  

3. I think the acrylic stacked orbs on this lamp base are very in right now, but they are still generic enough to match any decor. It is a great price point too. 

4. I love the unique geometric cut outs on this cote table lamp. It almost has the vibe of the brand new Cult Gaia bags that are coming out for spring. Plus, I love the white color. It would definitely add some lightness to our dark bedroom furniture.  

5. This stirrup brushed nickel lamp is my favorite. I think chrome brightens up a room, and the literal hole in the middle keeps the lamp feeling light and airy instead of heavy.  

6. This ocean glass accent lamp feels a little nautical to me, which I love! It’s not nautical enough to clash with any decor, and the blue color is a fun touch. Since it’s a relatively transculent color it wouldn’t clash with any existing decor either.

7. I think this division marble table lamp is so unique. The brash rectangle is unexpected, and the marble base adds a refined touch to the whimsy brass. Generally I’d find the triple rectangles somewhat boring, but the mix of materials makes it unexpected and fun.

8. Two lamps for one! I love the height of these lilly table lamps, they will definitely lift the eye up and make the room feel lighter and brighter. Plus, the majority of the lamp seems like it’s floating on the glass orb, which also keeps them from looking too heavy and austere.  

Which one is your favorite? Have you found any great decor pieces lately? Do tell! I’m currently doing some minor re-decorating and am always looking for great finds!