Friday Funday

Happy Friday everyone! I am very ready for a relaxing weekend, how about you? I feel like the end of January has kind of dragged, and I’m grateful for the time to relax and recharge but I’m also ready for all of the fun things that February has in store! Im going to use this weekend to prepare, and I’m excited. 


I love watching the Olympics. I find it so fun and inspirational to watch the best athletes in the world come together and compete. It’s only two weeks away! Ralph Lauren announced the new uniforms. Thoughts? Also, to “prepare” I’ve been watching all of the Olympucnthemed movies. We watched Cool Runnings this weekend, and are watching Miracle sometime this week. I also want to watch Eddie the Eagle. Does anyone else have any recommendations? 

The Oscar nominations came out. I haven’t seen a bunch of the movies on the list, so I have to get to it! I just heard about this deal Cinemark has where for $10 a month you can watch unlimited movies. Does anyone do that? Have you had a good experience? 

The check out girl had the prettiest lilac colored nail polish on and I’m obsessed. It didn’t really match her outfit, I think she had grays on, and it just was this fresh pop of color. I’ve been on the hunt for purple polish ever since and I love this color, this one, this one and this one

Speaking of beauty, I recently found this website where you can check how toxic the ingredients are in your beauty products. I’ve been going through all my staples. It feels like a good jumping off point to know what’s okay to use and what needs to be ditched. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back Monday with a fun new blog series I’m really excited about!