Unexpected Uses For a Shower Cap

Today I am very excited because I’m starting a new blog series! It is going to be short and sweet tips that make life easier. Today’s post is unexpected uses for a shower cap.

shower cap

Do you ever get makeup all over your clothes when you are getting ready? I like to do my makeup before I get dressed so that I don’t get anything on my clothes - since I mix makeup on my hand a lot there is a big potential for getting it all over my outfit. Often, however, when I do get ready I find that my makeup has left my face and is all over the neck of my shirt or dress. It’s a pretty big daily catch-22, in my opinion. 

Enter the shower cap. All you do is put it over your face right before you slide your clothes over your head and voila! The makeup stays on your face and off your clothes! Pretty genius right? I was in a dressing room one day and noticed they had “face shields” to protect their clothing when women tried them on, and realized that they looked exactly like my shower cap! I tried the trick the next day and haven’t looked back.  

I typically use either shower caps I get at hotels as part of the vanity kit, the Conair ones from Target. However, I really love this Drybar one and think I might get it once the elastic on mine runs out. The color is so cute! 

I hope this helps you all out! I can’t wait to bring more tips!