New Eyeshadow Technique

I love trying new makeup looks. Recently I was feeling blah about the way I applied my eyeshadow, and decided to switch up my technique. I wanted something that would instantly brighten and open up my eyes, and wouldn't be too much for a work day. After playing around a little bit, I perfected a highlighting technique. It makes eyes look bright and awake, and can be used with eyeshadow you already own. 

Instead of applying eyeshadow across the whole lid, I only apply it to my brow bone, the outer corner of my eye, and the inner corner, as drawn below. The pink marker lines are where to apply and blend eyeshadow:

Eyeshadow Technique

To do this trick you can use any light colored and shimmery eyeshadow. I prefer a light pink or a champagne color. For tools, fingers work best. Just apply lightly and make sure to blend.

Here are some of my favorite eyeshadows for this look:

Let me know if you have any questions on how to apply!