Happy Friday

Fall Cricut Wreath

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! Here in D.C. it was great, the temperatures have dropped and I love weather in the 50s and 60s so this is heaven for me. Our home is fully decorated, including the above wreath that I finished making. This weekend we are excited to sit around our fire pit and enjoy the weather and entertain a friend in town. What about you?

I finished Something In the Water and it was a really good thriller. I had guesses about the ending, but wasn’t sure until the end which is always fun. If you are looking for a quick read for October I highly recommend it!

I got these earrings with the multi-colored stones and I feel like they add instant glamor to any outfit. They aren’t too heavy either; I wear them all the time and get asked if they are vintage.

Sephora holiday kits are here. The Fresh Sugar ones are my favorite, and they are perfect for gifts. (especially because you can break them up). They always sell out, so this year I’m pulling the trigger early!

Boots are my favorite shoes. This year booties are so popular, and I really like the lace up ones. here are some of my favorites-

What are you up to this weekend?