The Best New Beauty Products

There are so many greato new beauty products right now. The combination of the new fall season and the launch of holiday sets is a great combination for the beauty enthusiast, wouldn’t you say? I’ve scrolled through countless new arrivals pages and put together all the best new beauty products for all of you. What are your favorites?

The Best New Beauty Products

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  1. Amika Reset Exfoliating Jelly Shampoo, which exfoliates your scalp while you wash your hair and gets rid of product buildup while you shampoo.

  2. Amika - Reset Pink Charcoal Scalp Cleansing Oil helps clean and heal your scalp which we so often strip of its natural oils.

  3. DR. JART+ Dermask™ Foot Smoothing Mask - I think a foot treatment is a great way to heal your feet after the damage of sandals all summer long. This mask is a lot cheaper that Baby Foot and it heats up which I think is cool.

  4. NARS Eye Shadow Quad, Singapore - I swatched this new NARS eyeshadow in the store the other day and the colors are gorgeous. They have the perfect amount of sparkle for the nighttime, and the colors blend so as to be wearable.

  5. Summer Fridays - Overtime Mask - The Jet Lag mask was such a hit they made a new exfoliating one. You scrub your face and then let it sit to reveal smoother skin; plus it’s Clean at Sephora.

  6. Bobbi Brown Crushed Lipsticks - The color payoff on these new lipsticks is ridiculous. Plus the shades are so pretty. I’m just in love with them, and Sephora has a nice pink shade as a 100 point reward right now.

  7. Essie Fall 2018 Nail Polish - All of the new Essie colors are so good! I particularly like Booties on Broadway.

  8. Jewel Bath Bomb - I love that these bath bombs are shaped like jewels.

  9. Natasha Denona - Mini Star Eyeshadow Palette - I’m on an eyeshadow kick right now and I think these colors are so pretty and so unexpected. A bright eye pairs perfectly with fall neutrals like camel too.

  10. KAJA Kaja Mochi Glow Bouncy Highlighter - This highlighter is cream to powder which makes it easy to apply and the container makes it easy to stash in your purse. I also love the Mochi branding.

  11. Urban Decay Eyeliner Set - Urban Decay makes some of the best eyeliners and they come in every color. With this set you can test out all the best colors for fall.

  12. Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palette - I think Charlotte Tilbury makes some of the best makeup on the market and I can’t wait to try out her new palette. Every shade looks gorgeous and the colors are grouped to help you achieve different looks.

  13. Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Spice - This is the perfect shade for fall and it’s super hydrating.

  14. KAJA Kaja Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush - It’s a stamp that’s shaped like a heart, and then you blend it out. Isn’t that just so cute?!

  15. Real Techniques Makeup Brush Set - Real Techniques makes some of the best affordable makeup brushes on the market and this set has everything you need for under $20!

  16. Rifle Paper Co Beauty Pouch - I think this beauty pouch is just darling and it’s the perfect size to fit in your purse.

  17. Herbivore Prism Serum - This is an all natural serum that helps to exfoliate your skin, and all the experts review I’ve read say it actually works!

  18. Charlotte Tilbury Magic-Away Liquid Concealer - Last but not least the Charlotte Tilbury magic away is supposed to be amazing at providing good coverage without being too heavy. I swatched it in store and it really is light!

What new beauty are you most excited about?