The Fall Shoe Edit

I have a,ways loved shoes, especially fall shoes. They are so cute and so cozy, and I love how a good shoe truly finish’s an outfit. Today I’ve put together all my favorite boots, flats and party shoes. I have pairs three and four, but I’m finding it hard not to pull the trigger on all of them! 

The Fall Shoe Edit


1. Nordic boots - Don’t these just look so adorable and cozy? Plus they come with red laces.

2.  Loafers - You can’t go wrong with classic penny loafers.

3.  Leah cap toe flats - These look so much like Chanel and they are comfortable. 

4.  McKay boots - I love these Ugs. They are perhaps the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. 

5.  Plad loafers - I love black watch plaid for fall and winter.

6.  Chelsea boots - Isn’t suede always lovely in the fall? It adds so much texture to an outfit

7.  Ugg Aureo boots - These Ugg boots are extra sturdy and have a good tread for walking in the ice. 

8.  Plaid bow flats - With the holidays coming up how can you say no to Christmas plaid flats?

9.  Velvet flats - It seems the velvet trend is here to stay, and these are a great price.

Tell me, what’s your favorite?Tell me, what’s your favorite?