The Secret To A Long Lasting At Home Manicure

the secret to a long lasting at home manicure

I love doing my nails at home. It allows me to slow down and relax while all of the coats dry, and watch a tv show or read a book. I also enjoy the fact that it is so much cheaper than getting them done at a salon. After years of these diy manicures I’ve found that my nails last just as long, if not longer, than when I have them done in a salon. While practice makes perfect when it comes to doing your right hand (or left hand in my case #leftie), a long lasting finish can be achieved by anyone if you keep in mind the four steps -

First, make sure you use a base coat on dry nails. Do not soak them ahead of time, that actually makes them chip faster. I really love the Orly Bonder base coat; I don’t know how many bottles I’ve gone through at this point.

Two, use at least two coats of a high quality nail polish with a thick brush. I really like Essie, OPI and Butter London. The quality is great, and the price isn’t high especially since you can use a coupon on the polishes at Ulta or at CVS.

Three, use a top coat. Make sure the top coat has a thick consistency and a high shine. I like the OPI one a lot, and have also had good luck with the ones by Butter London and Orly.

Finally, make sure you let your nails dry in between coats! I wait at least five minutes in between every coat. I also finish off the manicure with drying drops by OPI. Even with the drying drops, however, be careful with what you touch and don’t put on gloves for a few hours.

What are your favorite nail polish colors right now? Tips for using your own nails?