Happy Friday

Colonial Williamsburg in the fall

Happy Friday! We are going to Colonial Williamsburg this weekend am I am so excited. I went as a kid and remember as a history wonderland. I’m so excited to share it with my husband and learn something new about colonial America. Plus we are staying in an authentic tavern room which is my definition of dreamy luxury :)

The Sephora sale is underway! VIB’s get 20% off starting today, and Beauty Insiders get 15% off starting November 16. It’s free to join too, so join now to get the discount! I always take advantage of the November sale to pick up Christmas presents for people, especially since the holiday sets are still in stock. Here’s everything I have my eye on:

Bath & Body Works re-stocked my all time favorite cozy socks! I love giving (and receiving) their Shea socks so much. They are literally the coziest socks I have ever put on my feet. This year’s patterns are really cute too.  

I’m going to try and make candles this year for all my female relatives, with this scent I think. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

Robert Galbraith (i.e. J.K. Rowling) relaxed the newest books in her mystery series, Lethal White. I’m not typically a reader of mysteries, but I love these. Rowling is just so good at telling a story and creating captivating characters. 

I’m all about all things cozy right now, and these drinks sound lovely! Cocoa or tea anyone?

Do you have any fun weekend plans? How are you enjoying fall?