Where To Find the Best Makeup Reviews

Where to find the best makeup reviews

With recent news on how unreliable beauty product reviews on sites like Sephora can be (see here) I thought it would be helpful to share some of the great non-retailer sites to find good predict reviews on. I use these resources for almost every product I buy, and find them super helpful.  

1- Makeup Alley. This is a site with tons of reviews for basically any product you can imagine. The reviews tend to be matter of fact and honest, and reviewers even post updates sometimes.

2- Temptalia. This is a beauty blog with the most comprehensive swatch gallery and product dupe list I have ever seen. Her product reviews are honest, and often list products that are similar. 

3- Beautypedia. This site is run by Paula Begoun and it is full of straight forward, often brutal, reviews that focus on the efficacy of products and whether they cause irritation. Reviews on this site have often made me think twice before I buy a product, especially skin care. Finally, I like that this site reviews drugstore and expansive brands, and the top rated products contain a broad range of price points.

4- EWG Skin Deep. This site doesn’t have traditional reviews, instead it outlines the toxicity level of beauty products and/or the j gradients found in products. I like to give it a glance before I buy skincare.

Finally, you can also use the rule of averages when looking at reviews on sites like Sephora. If thousands of people have given a product is glowing review over a long period of time, it seems likely that a number of them are authentic. 

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Where do you go for beauty reviews?