Christmas Decorations in Washington D.C.

Christmas decorations in Washington D.C.

Last weekend we started to explore all of the Christmas decorations around Washington D.C. There are so many different decorations, trees and displays that I am in holiday heaven!

On Saturday we went to Season’s Greenings at the National Conservatory and also saw the Capital Christmas tree. Season’s Greenings is a display of national landmarks and classic train stations entirely recreated out of plants. The displays are extraordinary!

Christmas decorations in Washington D.C.

Here’s the U.S. Capital. There was also the Washing, Jefferson and Lincoln memorials and a few of the Smithsonian buildings. I can’t imagine how many hours went into glueing all of the plant pieces together. It came out perfectly, which you know was a feat of love and immense patience.

Christmas decorations in Washington D.C.

This is Dino Depot station is actually shaped like a dinosaur. Just look at the detailing on the roof, it’s so intricate.

Christmas decorations in Washington D.C.

Here is the North Pole station. There were multiple trains going all around it.

Pink Poinsettias

I also found this wall of pink poinsettias that seemed fit for Barbie’s dream house.

Chanel Lipstick in Merry Rose

I wore some new makeup for the occasion, the Chanel lipstick in Merry Rose. I am obsessed with this stuff and will do a full review soon. But, if you have been considering picking it up, I say don’t wait! It will surpass your expectations.

Capital Christmas Tree

The Capital Christmas tree is right outside the capital and is a giant live tree. On it are ornaments handmade by people in Oregon, which is where the tree is from. The tree is massive; you can see it all the way down the National Mall.

Next weekend we are going to see the National Christmas tree and lights at the zoo. Do you have any other Christmas suggestions? Have you seen any great decorations in your area?