The Holidays are Over and It's Still Cold, Now What?

Winter Snow

Isn’t it funny how winter weather truly sets in after Christmas, but every year we (or at least I) expect it to peak at Christmas? It’s always surprising somehow, especially now that we live in the North. Despite my continual surprise I contend that winter can be one of the coziest and most charming times of year, it just takes some creativity and a warm jacket. Here are all my tricks for getting you through the cold with a warm spirit.

  1. Brew lots and lots of tea and hot chocolate. The Paris tea by Harney & Sons is one of my favorites, and I’m really enjoying this Four Sigmatic hot chocolate that only has 25 calories per cup.

  2. Wear cozy pajamas and slippers that make you smile. I can’t say enough good things about these warm moccasin slippers, they truly keep your feet warm no matter the weather! And these flannel pajamas are just so cozy and cute. I love that they are plaid and preppy but not Christmas-y.

  3. Have an endless book queue. There is nothing better than cozying up with a warm cup of tea and a good book, but so many things can often get in the way. I find that having a full book queue lined up makes it so much easier to start a new read and enjoy a cozy cold night. My current queue is A Man Called Ove, Bel Canto, The Bastard of Istanbul and Small Admissions.

  4. Take a walk in the snow. Sometimes instead of trying to beat the cold, it’s best to join in! Bundle up in your warmest jacket and take a walk in the snow, Gilmore Girls style. I also highly recommend snow balls, sledding, snowmen, and kicking the icicles off of everything.

  5. Burn candles to make everything seem cozy. I love these Capri ones - the jars are gorgeous, they smell amazing and the scent can be smelled across the room.

  6. Try out all those restaurants you’ve been curious about when you cross through Grubhub. Sitting in front of the television watching the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel while trying that new pad thai sounds like the perfect night to me!

  7. Finally, always wear warm socks. If your feet are cold, you’re doomed.

How do you snuggle in to enjoy the cold winter months?