Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Kitten

To write this post I started by researching the legendary of St. Valentine - it's not the happiest story, so I am going to spare you, haha. While I generally love digging into holidays historical origins, I think for this holiday the only origin I'll remember is Galentines Day a la Parks and Rec.

Anyways...sorry for the rambling. After 2 6 am flights in 3 days I am very, very tired. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday, however you are spending it! Since it falls on Ash Wednesday this year my husband and I are going to play it low key and attend Mass, then cook something delicious. I'm thinking Giada's lemony shrimp risotto. The one tradition we have is we always exchange cards. I love the idea of being able to re-read them years from now. What will you be doing? No matter what you have going on, I know I spent many holiday huddled in my apartment intently studying, I hope you do something special to treat yourself. Perhaps a bath, or a favorite sweet for dessert, or even watching the Parks and Rec Valentines episodes. Whatever treat you have the time and energy for, I say go for it. We all deserve to treat ourselves with some extra love today.