Happy Friday

I friends! I hope everyone had a nice week! Does anyone else have a long weekend? I'm so excited to relax, at home, and get some chores done while also having ample time to relax. Our two back to back weekend getaways were wonderful, and now I am tired. The couch, some tea, and the Olympics is going to do me a lot of good so that I am ready to conquer the rest of February. 

Soho Grande
All That Glitters

1. Lilly Pulitzer launched swim! All of the suits looks so cute, I don't think I can decide! I really love this one piece and this one, along with this bikini and this one, and this dress. They are giving away a free beach towel with every $200 spend this weekend, so I might just have to go shopping. 

2. I love these Kate spade earrings - they honestly remind me of a pair Kate Middleton always wears. Does anyone else follow her fashion choices? 

3. I think it will come as no surprise to anyone I can't wait to see the new Black Panther movie

4. Has anyone been watching the Olympics? I've loved being able to watch it every night. If you haven't seen Shawn White's gold medal runs yet, you have to. My jaw actually dropped throughout. I'm normally not a very expressive TV watcher, but seeing all of the competitors fly into the air had me cheering and gaping. 

5. In honor of Presidents' Day weekend I thought I would share some of my favorite presidential biographies, and some of the ones I would like to read. I'd love any suggestions! I really loved The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris, The River of Doubt by Candine Millard, and I want to read Destiny of a Republic, John Adams and 1776.

Have a wonderful weekend!