How to Dry Your Wedding Bouquet

Since it’s almost wedding season, I thought it would be helpful if I began to share some of my favorite wedding tips - these will be the tips and tricks that I found to be the most useful for my own wedding, and that I believe are the most universally applicable. First up is how to dry your wedding bouquet.

I dried my bouquet and my husband’s boutonnière the day after the wedding, and am so glad I did. It now sits on our dresser and I am reminded of the best day of my life every time I walk by. 

The purple is where to tie the yarn

The purple is where to tie the yarn

To dry your bouquet all you need is yarn. You wrap it around the base of the bouquet multiple times, and then tie multiple strong knots. I took a long piece of yarn, folded it in half, and wrapped both halves around the bouquet so that they made exes going up the base. I knotted after about five exes, and then repeated about 5 times, leaving a long train of yarn. I repeated this process with about 3 more strings. 

Then, you take the bouquet, which know how long strings of yarn hanging off of it, and tie the yarn around the top of my shower rod, so that the bouquet hangs upside down over the tub ledge. My bouquet was very heavy, it was made entirely of white roses, and it didn’t fall down. I left it for three weeks, so that I was sure it was entirely dried out. I then cut it down and removed the string from the base and put it in a vase with a wide brim. I used this one.  

Make sure that you dry the bouquet immediately the next day, tie strong knots, and leave the bouquet untouched for a couple weeks so that it is entirely dried out before you turn it right side up. This will ensure that it isn’t too delicate and doesn’t immediately fall apart.

Did you dry your bouquet? I’d love to hear about it!