5 Tips for an at Home Spa Day

We went to the spa over the weekend for some much needed relaxation and massages. It was an amazing experience and as soon as I left I tried to write down all the details that had made it special and relaxing so I could recreate the experience at home and share it with all of you. I came up with 5 tips for an at home spa day which I believe will take our “Sunday Spa Days” to the next level.

5 Tips for an at home spa day

1. Make your towels hot and ice cold. Part of what felt so luxurious at the spa was that all of the towels were warmed up on a heated towel rack. To recreate that feeling at home, toss some fluffy towels in the dryer a few minutes before you bathe so that they are nice and warm. On the opposite side of the spectrum, they had towels in ice water next to the bath tub. The hot water in the bath and the cold towel on my neck and face felt amazing. To do this at home, put some slightly damp towels in the freezer the night before your bath, and put them in ice water next to the tub. 

2. The spa smelled amazing. At home, make sure you have candles lit in the bathroom, bedroom and any other room you will be resting in. Or, if you have an essential oil diffuser turn it on so the room smells divine. In addition, add any scented bubble bath or bath salts to your bath so that the scent wafts into the air while you soak. 

3. Use a cozy robe and slippers. I have a nice waffle weave robe and slippers, but I never remember to put them next to the tub when I take a bath, and often just put back on sweats. Walking around in a robe for a few hours at the spa felt very decadent and relaxing - like I had no where to go and nothing to do but let my body relax. To recreate this feeling at home,  make sure you have your robe and slippers ready to go and wear that at home for a few hours. 

4. Use essential oils. The spa added essential oils to everything - the bath, the massage, the pedicure, even the facial smelled delicious. To do this at home, purchase some essential oils from a market like Whole Foods and add them into your bath and into the water you soak your feet in if you are doing your toes. Also rub the oil into your pulse points after you have dried off. The essential oils not only smell good, they are very relaxing and are said to have health benefits. 

5. Shape your toes.  When I paint my toes at home I tend to trim them, and then add a few layers of polish. At the spa the technician really focused on buffing my heals, rubbing in moisturizer, and also shaping my toe nails. My toes look so much prettier and more refined then when I do it. To recreate a pedicure at home, soak your feet in a tub of warm water for a few minutes and then file your toes and buff your feet before rubbing in a shea butter based moisturizer. 

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Do you have any tips for elevating an at home spa day? Please share!