How To Fill In Your Eyebrows

For me, well shaped eyebrows are the difference between my makeup making me feel polished and confident and sloppy. After a lot of trial and error, reading lots of online reviews and lots of practice I have finally figured out the best way to fill in my eyebrows. It’s much easier than it looks once you have the right products and technique, I promise! 

Or I wouldn’t have waxed them off! haha

Or I wouldn’t have waxed them off! haha

My favorite brow products are the Anastasia brow definer, Anastasia clear brow gel, and Glossier Boy Brow. ou can also use eyeshadow powder and a brush.

How to Fill in Your Eyebrows

Now that you have the right tools, you need to identify the 3 main points you want to fill in. To better demonstrate, I drew them on this picture of my face. The dots on the left side are points one, two and three which are drawn out on the right. Point one is where your brow should start, point two is where the thick part of your brow should end and your brow should begin to taper, and point three is the end of your brow.

First, use the Anastasia brow definer to fill in your brow, concentrating the most product on points one and two, and a little on point three. hen, brush it out with the spoolie brush at the other end of the brow shaper. Next, use Glossier Bow brow (don't forget, 10% off your first order with my link :) to thicken your brow hairs. Finally, lock it all down with the Anastasia brow gel. Concentrate the brow gel on the ends, since these tend to stick out the most. All done! A great every day, polished yet natural brow look. 

Do you have any favorite brow products or tips and tricks?