Statement Earrings for Less

I love earrings and I always have. Back when I was a pre-teen I would spend hours and hours in Claire's looking for the perfect earrings, and arranging and re-arranging them on my earring tree. Now that my style has evolved a little, I love all the statement earrings that I've seen at the boutiques and on Instagram. What I can't get beyond, however, is the price. I think that earrings that are over $100 better involve fine metal and jewels, sorry I'm not sorry,. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels that way, so I put together a list of some of my favorite statement earrings for less. 

Statement Earrings

Martina Stud / $47.60 Vibrant Life Leather Statement Earrings / Sugarfix Hoop Earrings with Fringe / Sugarfix TieredT Tassel / Sugarfix Modern Hoop / Marissa Hoop EarringsSugarfix Gold Coin Drop

I particularly love all the Sugarfix ones, which are from Target. They have a ton of fun styles. Go Target!