How to Decorate a Console Table

I recently learned how to decorate a console table. When properly decorated, it brings a lot of light and texture to a room, as well as awkward spaces that you aren’t sure what to do with. This is the first place I’ve lived where I’ve had the space for one, and love the way it looks. After some trial and error I come up with a few rules of thumb for how to decorate our console table in our home now and in future spaces. 

How to Decorate a Console Table

First, you need a thin table. Ours is 7 inches wide. If you have the room, feel free to go wider but make sure it is still on the narrow side. It shouldn’t take up too much space, and make sure it doesn’t make the area in your home awkward to walk by. If you have a shorter wall I really like this table, and this glass one is lovely and so unique.

Next, the decorations. They should add color and texture, and brighten up the space.

1 - Lamp. A lamp adds some height to the table, as well as more light. I suggest a lamp with lighter coloring that isn’t too short. I ordered this one, and I also love this blue and white one and this one from Target.

2. Stack of books - A short stack of a few books is a great way to add extra color and texture. Pick books that you like the ascetic of, and that aren’t wider than the table. I also suggest books that you like looking at since they will be the focal point of the room.

3. Knick knack - I like having places to put interesting knick knacks, especially ones with good memories attached to them. For instance, we have a conch shell we got on one of our first vacations that looks perfect stacked on top of the books. Other great options are small air plant terrariums (on sale!), an urchin statue, or a small picture frame. Depending on how large your table is, a small orchid would like pretty next to a larger vase as well. 

4. Vases - Add a few vases to add extra color and texture. The number of vases that will fit depends on the width of your table. If yours is wide enough, I think a clear glass vase (or this one) with some palm fronds or fake branches sticking out the top looks really pretty. Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics are great places for fake flowers and branches since you can use a 40% off coupon. If your table isn’t wide enough, so I have put together an few vases of different widths and colors. I have these and really like the style. I also ordered this one, I love the added texture! 

5. Wall art - Whatever you place above the console table is going to be a focal point of the room, and needs to be large enough to not be dwarfed by the table. I suggest hanging a mirror. It will make the space seem a lot larger. In addition, a large mirror is a lot less expensive than a large piece or art (or a large framed print).  

6. Below the console table - Placing a few larger objects ompletes the look. I think a large ginger jar would look beautiful! A large basket like this one is a good option as well; it adds even more texture and can also double as storage. Also, if you table is wide enough, some small stools like this could look very cool as well. 

Do you have any good decorating tips for console tables, or for small and awkward spaces? I’d love to hear your thoughts!