4 Tips For Decorating Your Dining Room

Today I am excited to share 4 tips for decorating your dining room. Over the past few months I have been thoroughly enjoying decorating my new home. I’ve lived in other places (honestly, I’ve lived in LOTS of other places) but they were always transient homes, and they were decorated with the stuff I had on hand. This time around, it feels so different to find lovely pieces and decorate a home with my husband. It’s so exciting and I have learned so much! 

I’ve realized that well decorated homes adhere to a few decorating rules, no matter how different the ascetic of the room. Sticking to these rules of thumb will help any size and style of room look cohesive and well decorated. I plan to share my rules for every room, starting with the dining room.

Photos from Dimples and Tangles, Stephanie Kraus Designs, Home Decorating x, and Traditional Home 

Photos from Dimples and Tangles, Stephanie Kraus Designs, Home Decorating x, and Traditional Home 

These four rooms have a very different style, but all 4 have the following features:  

1. Fancy Light Fixture - Have a fancy light fixture hanging in the center of your dining room table. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but it should be dramatic and a nice focal point. Also make sure it is as centered as possible, the eye will immediately notice if it is not.

2. Large Area Rug - Find an Area Rug that is large enough to fit under the table and all of the chairs, with a good half a foot extra on every side. It makes the dining room set look like a cohesive unit, and is a nice place to add some color or texture to a room. There are wonderful rugs at Wayfair, and I’ve also seen some nice ones at Home Depot! 

3. Different Chairs - Use different chairs at the head of the table to add some interest and draw the eye. 

4. Dramatic Centerpiece - Place something in the center of the table under the light fixture. Make sure it has both height and volume so it really makes a statement. A few votive candle handlers will get lost in the middle of a large table, and look out of place. A dramatic centerpiece, however, adds color and texture and even a bit of whimsy depending on what you choose - like the pineapple centerpiece in the second picture.

Do you have any decorating rules of thumb? Let me know!