Royal Wedding Weekend

is anyone else getting up early to watch the royal Wedding tomorrow? I loved watching Kate and Will’s wedding a few years ago; I remember waking up super early to watch beforevan exam study session, and only wanting to look up royal fashion for the rest of the day. I love British history, especially the royals, so I’m really excited to watch this next wedding. 

Tea at Kensington Palace!

Tea at Kensington Palace!

Here is a guide to the event!

If I was going I'd wear this dress! Maybe this dress for the after party? I love how it twirls! And here is a perfect fascinator for the occasion. 

I think after the wedding I’m going to be fancy and get a pedicure. This color, Essie's Mixtaupe, looks like the perfect pedicure shade; it's white, but still has a hint of nude. Also, this is my favorite foot cream and hand cream does wonders.

Royal books -  I love reading about the king’s and queens of old, as well as historical fiction novels set at court. Some of my favorites are those by Philippa Gregory, especially The Other Boleyn Girl and The White Queen. The Six Wives of Henry VIII is a wonderful non fiction book, and I also love anything by Alison Weir like this.  

Finally, what post about the royals would be complete without some tea recommendations? If you are looking for some Earl Grey, the new Twining one is wonderful. I also love Harney and Sons Earl Grey, Paris, and Black Current.

Are you watching the wedding? Any other fun weekend plans? I'd love to hear!