Happy Mother's Day

What a week! I got knocked out with an ear infection and bad sinuses, which somehow made the week drag by but also made it go super fast, because of the unusual amount of time spent sleeping. Anyways, Happy Mother's Day Everyone! I hope you all get to make new warm memories with your mom's and kids, and have a relaxing and special weekend all around.

I loved the dresses at the Met Gala this year. Some of them are just stunning works of art, even if I wouldn't necessary describe them as classic or pretty. The back of Sarah Jessica Parker's dress made my jaw drop and Yara Shahidi looked stunning as did Alicia Vikander and Kerry Washington. What was your favorite? 

I loved reading Tamora Pierce books when I was younger. Did anyone else? I discovered her young adult fantasy series in junior high and they were some of my absolute favorites. Well, she recently came out with a new book, Tempest and Slaughter. It is about a character I was always curious about and I can't put it down. I think I might take a drip down memory lane and re-read the Wildmagic series. If you are looking for a quick read that are fun, compelling and not at all angsty I highly recommend. 

I know I already posted about this glossier mascara but I'm really excited about it! Last weekend I cracked after buying a dud mascara at the Sephora sale and bought the Chanel volume one, and I can't wait to take it back now. The Glossier one is 50% the price! 

I love finding new brands, especially up and coming names. I have recently seen a number of dresses by Elizabeth McKay and I think they are just darling. I love this print, the buttons on this dress, and the print on these shorts.

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!