Kentucky Derby Weekend

Hi Friends! Can you believe it’s the weekend already? A what a fun weekend it will be with both the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo! Is anyone going to the Derby? I hope to go one year, it looks so much fun to dress up and be fancy. This year, though, I will be sitting on the beach with a fancy hat and some guacamole in hand. Which sounds pretty good too!

What I’ve enjoyed this week - 

1. This video shows you how to tie a perfect bow with a sash. I used it to tie the bow on my Marilyn Gal Meets Glam dress and found it very helpful. Apparently I’ve been tying bows all wrong all this time. Who knew?  (I blame being left handed haha)

2. While I’m not attending the Derby I still love a good hat. I have this Tuckernuck one and it fits wonderfully, plus it’s easy to pack because it pops back into shape. I’m also in love with this one and this one which both look lovely for summer. 

3. Book list - I’ve found so many great beach read recommendations on Grace’s book list!  I highly recommend checking it out if you are looking for a fun and quick read. 

4. Cinco de Mayo ideas - I love the Trader Joe’s pre-made guacamole, especially if none of the avocados in the store are ripe. This margherita recipe looks delicious and festive, isn’t the presentation cute? 

5. I think scrolling through Etsy can get overwhelming, but there are always such good treasures if you just keep looking. Aren’t these statement earrings beautiful? Plus they are so much better priced than a lot of the options out there.  

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!