Products for a Perfect Blowout

Getting the perfect blowout isn't only about technique, it's also about using the right tools and products. I have tested out so many products in the hopes of Kate Middleton hair, and spent countless hours testing them out in the bathroom. After years of trial and error, and a few fails, I finally come up with a winning formula, and I'm excited to share it with all of you!

products for a perfect blowout

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1. Round Brush - Look for a metal round brush with a one inch barrel (unless your hair is very long or very short). The metal heats up which makes your hair dry quicker, and the little holes in the metal allow the hot air to go through your brush and dry multiple parts of your hair at the same time. I love this DryBar one because it is extremely light and my hair doesn't get stuck in it at all.  

2. Sectioning Clips - Use clips to hold your hair so you can blow dry it in sections. These ones hold a lot of hair at once, which is very convenient as do these.

3. Blow Dryer - A nice blow dryer speeds up the time it takes to dry your hair, which is more convenient and is better for the health of your hair. The T3 is known as the gold standard, and I've also heard great things about the Dyson and the Buttercup, and my Elchim 3900 works great! 

4. Velcro Rollers - Velcro rollers give your hair volume and bounce. Any will do, I have these.  

5. Large Bobby Pins - Use large bobby pins to secure the velcro rollers. They won't snag your hair like metal clips. 

6. Smoothing Cream - A smoothing cream that keeps your hair from frizzing without weighing it down is key. This one is my current favorite. It feels like nothing is in my hair, but the style lasts for days. 

7. Hair Spray - Use a light hold hair spray to lock in the style and keep out humidity. I really like this one and am going to pick up this humidity shield over the weekend. 

8. Shine Cream - Finish off your style with a dollop of shine cream, concentrating on the ends of your hair. It will add shine and also prevent flyaways. I love this one, it's weightless and smells great. 

What are your favorite hair products?