Four Rules for Decorating Your Living Room

How To Decorate a Living Room

These four rules for decorating your living room will make it look cohesive and put together no matter how large your room is or what your decor style is. I used to find home decorating rather overwhelming. After learning these rules of thumb, however, I roam the aisles of Target and Home Goods and feel confident that my purchases will add to my home decor and not just look like random objects. It's made me really love putting our home together!

1. Have chairs that are a different fabric from your large sofa. It is a great way to add interest to a room so it isn't too matchy matchy. 

2. Have an are rug large enough to fit under the legs of your coffee table, sofa and arm chairs. These brings all of the furniture together so it isn't floating in the room.

3.  Decorated coffee table. Having a coffee table with some decor items on it, such as coffee books, flowers and candles adds a lot of interest to your seating area. It's also a great place to put personal mementos, such as a book from your travels or a favorite flower. 

4. Throw pillows add color and texture to a room. Since they are so much cheaper than furniture they are a great way to add a trendy color or pattern. Layering different shapes, size and colors adds a lot of interest to your room as well. My favorite throw pillows have all come from Target, and I've found great ones from Home Goods too!

I've kept them in mind while decorating our home, and I'm so happy with how everything looks. Instead of a few pieces of furniture and some decor, it looks like a well decorated room.