10 Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Is your dad difficult to shop for? Don't worry, I've got you covered. I have put together the best gifts for dad, including some of the best gifts I've ever given my dad. These gifts are fun, practical and come at every price. So, if you are like me and want to get dad something fun instead of whatever boring gift your mom decided you should get him, look no further! (side note - is my mom the only one who does this? For instance, this year she thought I should get my dad a meat thermometer...) 


1. Nice Coffee 2. Headphones 3. Golf Hat 4. Golf Polo 5. Customizable Quarter Zip 6. Superhero Pants 7. Graphic Tee 8. Pajamas 9. Sporting Tickets 10. MoviePass 

1. Blue Mountain coffee is some of the best! It's a big upgrade from Dunkin, and it's sure to be his favorite weekend treat for months.

2. We got my dad headphones a few years ago and he uses them every day. These Bose ones are wireless and fit comfortably inside your ear. I also think this noise canceling pair is great - I tried them on in the airport and couldn't hear any background noise. Finally, this Beats pair is the pair my dad has, and they are under $100!

3. Golf Hat. If your dad likes to golf this hat looks cool and keeps him cool. It's also a thoughtful and practical present that he's sure to wear out.

4. Golf Shirt. I love this striped one, and this Vineyard Vines one is on sale for less than$35 and this ons is less than $50. (vineyard Vines has a number of cute ladies items on sale too...) 

5. Did you know that Vineyard Vines has an MLB and a collegiate shop? You can customize items with your dad's favorite sports teams! They have an oxford (also in gingham), a 1/4 zip, a polo (also in stripe), a fleece shep shirt and a vest.  

6. Superhero pants. If you dad is a kid at heart he'll love this present. I bought my dad Batman pajama pants and he wear them all the time. If your dad also loves the Marvel or D.C. movies I bet he'll love feeling like a kid getting to wear awesome and fun pjs. 

7. Captain America Shirt. My dad loves this shirt. Based on the other males I know who also love Captain America, I think it's a safe bet that it's a gift that will make your dad smile. Also, if your dad loves something other than Marvel movies, Target has a bunch of graphic tee options for less than $13.

8. Some more pajamas. What can I say, there one of the best presents I ever gave my dad! 

9. Sporting tickets. The other best gift I ever got my dad was tickets to see the Celtics together. He still talks about it. I highly recommend tickets as a Father's Day present. You can get them at almost any price, and it's make a memory that you both can cherish. 

10. MoviePass. This is the perfect present for dads who love going to the movies but can't stomach the price this gift is for him. He'll be able to go to the movies every day and see all the blockbusters. There are so many this summer! Or, if your dad likes going to the movies occasionally, a fandango gift card is great too, especially if you go with him. 

Don't forget the card! Bonus points if it's homemade :)