Summer Haircare Tips

I don't know about you, but my hair feels so much heavier in the summer. It is so hot and humid, it just turns into a LOT and it doesn't feel healthy. This summer I finally feel like I have conquered my locks and added a lot of needed moisture and TLC and am excited to share my summer haircare tips with all of you. 

Cheers to healthy hair!

Cheers to healthy hair!

First, it is important to remove buildup. A lot of times what feels like dry and brittle hair is actually an excess of product buildup. I use a baking soda scrub to try and remove it - mix together 1/3 cup baking soda and 4tbsp water and message into your hair. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes (I put a shower cap on over it) and then rinse thoroughly.  

I generally wash my hair every few days since it is naturally dry, but in the summer I wash it more often because of all of the heat and humidity. I also switch out my favorite sulfate free shampoo for some good old fashioned Head and Shoulders. I want my scalp clean.

Try and avoid heat styling as much as possible. It damages hair, and in the humidity it just doesn't last anyway. 

I use a wet brush to brush out my tangles when it's wet. It doesn't pull or break my hair, which is important since hair is more fragile when it's wet. Brushing it also helps it air dry better since I'm not using heat.

Finally, for that last bit of TLC I like to add in some hair oil while my hair is drying. The Davines OI is my favorite, and Moroccanoil is very good too. 

What are your summer hair care tips?