The Best Summer Hats

I have been all about hats recently. It started because I went to the dermatologist for my annual wellness check, and got a lecture about how my part was burned. I had been at the beach the day before, and reapplied sunscreen to my part at least every hour, so I feel like the fact that it still got sun burned means hats are a must for me in the summer. So, the hat hunt begun! Since it's important for everyone to protect their head, especially in the summer, I have put together the Best Summer Hats for everyone. Tell me what's your favorite is! 

The Best Summer Hats

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1. Packable Straw hat - This hat folds up to fit in your suitcase without being crushed and is under $50 even without a discount code (which J.Crew often has).

2. Straw Floppy Hat - I love that the hand on this one is dark blue!

3. Brixton 'Joanna' Straw hat - This hat has a super wide bring which is great for shielding your face from the sun. 

4. Bow Scarf Straw Floppy Hat - The long ribbon on this hat makes me want to stroll around Central Park with a chilled ice tea and a flow dress with a beau on my arm, haha. 

5. Straw Panama Hat - I love that the ribbon on this hat is a blush pink shade. 

6. Textured Summer Straw Hat - This hat matches pretty much anything and is $34.50. 

7. Straw Boater Hat - I'm picking this hat up today for our trip. It's $17.40! 

8. Wide Brim Straw Hat - It's $25 and the brim looks glamorous and protects you from the sun. 

9. Contrast Straw Trim Panama Hat - Isn't the turquoise on this hat a fun and unique detail? I love the pop of color.

I also always love a nice baseball cap. This gingham one is adorable and on sale, and of course I love my Boston hat :)