Ciao amici!


Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful couple of weeks. I am back home in D.C. after 10 days in Italy and feel so blessed and grateful to have gotten to take such an amazing trip. I am so excited to share our adventures with all of you, along with some recommendations for restaurants, tours, etc. I get a lot of my travel advice from others' blogs, so I hope that I can provide that same help to anyone else looking for travel advice. 

Spanish Steps

Persifor Dress / Earrings

We flew into Milan (the tickets are a lot cheaper - check lots of airports when you book a trip, the savings can be well worth the inconvenience!) and then took a train down to Rome. The new high speed trains are so convenient; it's amazing how fast and smooth the ride is. We took trains all over Italy and I highly recommend the train system to anyone traveling in Europe. 

Once we checked in to our hotel we went off to explore the Spanish Steps and Trevi fountain, and eat some good Roman cuisine. The Spanish Steps are beautiful, though extremely crowded, and afford a gorgeous view of the city.

Spanish Steps

It felt magical to stand on them and see the sights. I wore my Persifor dress for the occasion since I knew it would be hot out, and that the dress wouldn't be wrinkled even after a day of traveling. I also wore my white beaded statement earrings to add a bit of drama to the look. The earrings are super light, and don't both my ears at all. 

Salvatore Ferragamo Glitter Bag

We browsed in the shops a little before our dinner reservation and I found the most spectacular glitter bag. I didn't get it, since I have no idea where I would every use it, but I had to share a glitter purse on All That Glitters ;) 

Restorante 34

We then ate dinner at Restaurant 34 which was delicious. It very close to the Steps, but the food tasted fresh and authentic. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for good food in Rome! 

Trevi Fountain

We finished the evening with a look at the Trevi fountain. Isn't it beautiful? It pops up out of no where. I thought we were getting lost and then we turned a corner and there it was - just like in Roman Holiday. After staring for a little bit, we made a wish on a Euro and topped the night off with some gelato. When in Rome, right?

Have any of you taken any good trips lately? I'd love to hear about your adventures too!