Cute Back to School Supplies

Happy Wednesday friends! I can't believe it is already back to school time. I still think of it as the beginning of the year, even though I haven't been a student in a while. Is anyone else's internal clock permanently wired to register fall as the new year? I suppose old habits die hard, which is why I also still shop for new desk accessories and other school year items. There is something about the feeling of a new pen and a fresh highlighter that I have always loved, and I still use an old-school paper planner and notepad to keep track of everything. There are so many cute new desk accessories this year, I put together all my favorites for any of you who are back to school or are like me and just love a cute new notepad. 

What's your favorite? Also, does anyone else think of Rifle Paper & Co. as the adult version of Lisa Frank? I loved that stuff!