Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Fall 2018

All right guys, they finally released details about the Lilly sale! It's going to be from 8AM ET on Monday, September 10, 2018 to September 12, 2018 at 11:59 PM ET. If you haven't shopped the summer sale before, it's huge. There are hundreds of items on sale for amazing prices; I've seen blouses that were originally over $100 on sale for $30ish. Since the sale is so large and so popular, there are a few tricks to make sure you get what you want - and these are tips I haven't seen posted on other sites that have served me very well in the past :)   

1. Log In Before the Sale Starts - The sale goes live around 8am, but if you log on to the Lilly site a few minutes before you will automatically be added to the virtual line when the sale begins. You can't use this trip too early (for instance, 10 minutes didn't work for me last year), but a good 2-3 minutes gets you closer to the front of the virtual line.

2. If There is Something You Want, Do a Targeted Search - If there is anything you are hoping goes on sale (for instance, I would like this light blue cardigan that was out last winter), search for it instead of browsing page by page. Otherwise it might sell out. 

3. If You Find Something You Really Wanted, Check Out ASAP - Once you get the item you were searching for, check out. You will have to get back in the virtual line to check out other sale items, but if you really want something it's worth it. Items aren't held in your cart for you, so if you don't check out it can disappear (this has happened to me a few times). 

4. Log In On Multiple Devices - I always try to access the sale through as many electronics as I can. That way if I check out on say my computer, I don't have to wait in the whole line again. Since I've also been in line on my phone or iPad, I'm almost at the front of the queue on my on that device :) 

5. Know Your Size - The items are final sale, so if you live near a Lilly store go try some items on to know what size you are. Though, if something doesn't end up fitting don't fret! Keep the tags on and sell it on eBay or Poshmark. You'll probably get what you paid for it. 

Finally, don't worry that it will only be summer clothes. There are always plenty of items from the winter collection. Happy Shopping!