Tips for Organizing a Small Space

Now that we live in a big city, we have had to re-adjust our storage system. City living involves less square footage than suburban life, haha, especially since we will have winter gear for the first time! I've managed to find ways to store our belonging so that they look good and are easy to access. Here are my tricks for organizing a small space -

1. Utilize decorative baskets. They are a great way to store items in plain site. These are great because they have a lid so they can be stacked. 

2. Utilize wall space. We found this wall mounted towel rack and love it. It stores the towels without taking up space in the linen closet, and looks decorative. 

3. Repurpose old furniture. Instead of finding ways to store furniture that you aren't currently using, repurpose it with a fresh coat of paint. I recently painted our hallway table and a shelf we had in the bathroom and now they hold a lot of odds and ends and match our current decor. 

4. Don't forget to store things under the bed. It's a lot of empty square footage! I like that these bins can store linens, knick knacks, and even shoes!

5. Find decorative carts. Sometimes there isn't enough room to put away everything, so find a way to make your tools decorative. We bought this cart to store bathroom supplies, hand towels, bubble bath etc. and it really brightens the bathroom while keeping everything organized. 

6. Store things behind the door. I currently have this behind the door shoe rack and really like it because the closet door still closes. They also make these pocket ones, and you can store anything from shoes to hats and gloves to kitchen gadgets in them. 

7. Use food canisters. Food canisters are great because you can stack them. We have a few lazy susan's now, and the canisters work so much better at storing food than keeping it in its original packaging, since those boxes fall over or become duplicitous. 

8. Get stackable plastic bins. If you are storing anything in large plastic bins, like Christmas decorations, get ones that easily stack. I got these Hefty ones and I really like them. They come in a number of sizes, the lids are made to stack different sizes on top of each other, and the lid is a few inches high which means that if you over stuff the bin the lid still fits!

9. Good Old Space Bags. Nothing beats space bags for storing clothes, blankets and comforters. It's amazing how much smaller your stuff gets! 

What's your favorite storage tips?