Glossier Zit Stick

Glossier Zit stick

Glossier's newest product, Zit Stick, launches today! Glossier Zit Stick is a blemish spot treatment that is made to "minimize swelling and redness, and reduce the size of your pimple." What makes it unique is that it dries clear so you can use it throughout the day, and even wear it under makeup. It also comes in a package that makes it easy to keep in your purse - you can reapply it throughout the day, or even have it on hand in case a pimple appears. 

Glossier Zit stick

Zit Stick costs $14 in the US, and since I am a glossier rep you can receive 10% off your first Glossier order using my Glossier Rep Link! #workingwithGlossier : ) 

Glossier Zit stick

I've used a number of different blemish treatments in the past, and one of the biggest disadvantages of them is that they look like toothpaste on your face! Glossier eliminated that problem; with Zit Stick we won't have to choose between fighting acne and looking decent. And, the package is actually cute. Basically, they get it, haha. 

Let me know if you have any questions about the product, or any other Glossier products! They are some of my favorites. I use Milky Jelly every day, and I can't wait to bring out Generation G in Leo now that it's fall. I think it will pair great with my current favorite blush, Cloud Paint in Storm

What's your favorite zit treatment? Glossier product? I'd love to hear!