Ten Spring Decor Ideas

With spring almost here I am so excited to spruce up the apartment with lighter colors and airier textures. I love how a small item, like a table runner or throw pillow, can transform the look of the entire home. We recently switched units within our building, so our home seems in need of a decorating touch up then before. We got rid of so much "stuff" that had piled up, so I'm looking forward to picking up some decor pieces we really like, as opposed to all the things that we had somehow accumulated since college (and moved across the country...).

I'm definitely going shopping this weekend (along with a closet cleanup, nothing makes you realize how much stuff you have like moving does), and here are a few of the pieces I hope to pick up. 

10 Spring Decor Ideas

wreath / kitchen essentials / bunny salt & pepper / picture / vase / table runner

pink pillow / blue and white pillow / orange tree / trinket dish

I'm also trying to get better at growing flowers, so far I've succeeded with my orchid. It's blooming again and I am so excited! I used to have the opposite of a green thumb (I've killed cactuses) but it's getting greener! What are your favorite ways to decorate for spring?